Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Butterfly Bakery Has Gluten-Free Products and are Yummy in the Tummy!

A couple of days ago I received a package from Butterfly Bakery in the mail. I opened it up to find some Gluten -Free Mini Wild Blueberry Muffins and Gluten-Free Chocolate Chips. It was dinner time, but I just couldn’t wait till after dinner to eat one. I quickly opened the package and ate one of the Wild Blueberry Muffins and then I tried the Chocolate Chip Cookie. They were both delicious. Then my mom saw them, she isn’t Gluten-Free, and she had some. She didn’t believe me that they were Gluten-Free. By the end of the night there was only three cookies left and five muffins left.

The blue berry muffin tasted sweet and smooth. It didn’t taste grainy or dry like most Gluten-Free muffins taste like. The chocolate chip cookie reminded of the Chip-Ahoy Cookies , which I greatly miss. This cookie made me so happy. Actually this cookie tasted better then a Chip Ahoy Cookie.

Butterfly Bakery has many other products that are Gluten-Free.

Here is a list of their Gluten-free Products:

• Wild Blueberry Muffins- Mini or Large size (in picture)

• Banana Walnut Muffins- Mini or Large size

• Lemon Citrus Poppy Muffins- Mini or Large size

• Spiced Apple Raisin Muffins- Large

• Lemon Citrus Crème Cakes – Sliced

• Plain Vanilla Crème Cakes- Sliced (in picture)

• Espresso Crème Cakes- Sliced

• Chocolate Chip Cookies (in picture)

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (using gluten-free oatmeal)

• Cranberry Raisin Cookies

• White Chocolate Coconut Cookies

• Golden/Chocolate Cupcakes with Icing- Mini.

Their line of Gluten-Free bake goods are made with the superior artisan whole grain flour- Teff. These bake goods are loaded with Potassium and very high in vitamin B. Teff has 14% more protein than normal wheat flour. Best of all Teff is naturally sweet and bakes with a nice rise. The result? Baked goods that are sweet (yet not full of calories) full of fiber, light and moist.

You don’t have to worry about cross contamination because they have a separate facility within their facility designated gluten-free.

About The Butterfly Bakery:

The Butterfly Bakery started in 1998 when founder and CEO Brenda Isaac began experimenting with sugar-free recipes for her diabetic mother. Those recipes soon became the basis for The Butterfly Bakery which now includes a line of 75 different varieties of baked goods. Whether you are looking for, sugar-free, no sugar added, gluten free, low calorie and heart healthy, or 100% Whole Grain there is something for everyone. Located in the metro New York area of northern New Jersey, The Butterfly Bakery lovingly prepares some of the freshest tasting dietary restrictive goodies on the market today. Check out the entire line of The Butterfly Bakery products at www.thebutterflybakery.com.

The company is very excited to have their products available on Amazon.com because although their moist and tasty gluten-free, no sugar added and sugar-free baked goods are available in stores across the country, having them available online provides easier access to individuals wanting a satisfying treat, Brenda Isaac the CEO of The Butterfly Bakery stated in an article on December 2, 2011.

Their product is colored coded:

• Pink= sugar free

• Blue= no sugar added

• Orange=gluten-free

The Butterfly Bakery uses the finest all natural ingredients and the freshest fruit nectars to sweeten and enhance the flavor of its more than 75 products. Those quality ingredients result in the creamy, rich taste that is The Butterfly Bakery. Moist sugar free cakes, fluffy muffin loaded with goodies and chewy delectable cookies are all available online. You can also find them in many supermarkets near you.

You can find them on Amazon.com. Search for “The Butterfly Bakery” to find their goodies on Amazon.com!

Their contact information is:

Butterfly Bakery Inc. 200 Clifton Boulevard, Clifton, NJ 07013. T: 973-815-1501. F: 973-815-1507. Email: info@thebutterflybakery.com

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