Friday, March 23, 2012

It’s Time for Grand Rapids Gluten-Free Food Fair (May 19th 10:00am-4:00pm)

Mark your calendars!! The Sixth Annual Gluten-Free Food Fair is on Saturday May 19th from 10:00 am- 4:00pm at the Grand Rapids Delta Plex on West River Road.

Do you find yourself wasting a lot of money on new Gluten-Free products because it looks good, but then ends up tasting yucky? This happens to me a lot. I love the Gluten-Free Food Fair because I am able to sample tons of Gluten-Free products which helps saves me money, because I now know which products I like and which products I don’t. Most importantly it is free! There will be a cooking demonstration and conferences you can sign up for. You can also purchase Gluten-Free products at the fair too. I will post more information when it closer to the time. I just wanted you to mark it on your calendar. Website:

To keep this event free they need volunteers. So if you are passionate on getting the word out about Celiac Disease and eating a GF diet you can donate 2 or more hours of your time to help set-up, distribute samples and breakdown.. Set-up starts at 6:30am. Breakdown starts after 4:00pm. You can volunteer for an hour or two or stay all day. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any information on the Gluten-Free Food Fair and to volunteer you can email Nancy Spears at

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The WHITECAPS Now Have GF Hot Dogs w/ GF Bun!

The Grand Rapids Press had an article about the new WHITECAPS Baseball’s new menu for summer 2012. This year winner menu was designed by Westside Po’ Boy! Their loaded Kielbasa sandwich (NOT GLUTEN-FREE) won the big prize.

The article listed the menu which sadly had a lot of NOT Gluten-Free food, but then I noticed at the end of the article it stated it had a Gluten-Free Hot Dog & Gluten-Free Hot Dog Bun.

Here is the menu items listed in the article:

- Movie Theatre Candy

o Sour Patch Kids (GLUTEN-FREE)

o Skittles (GLUTEN-FREE)

o Starburst (GLUTEN-FREE)

o Airheads (GLUTEN-FREE)


o Peanut M&Ms (GLUTEN-FREE)

o Mike and Ikes (GLUTEN-FREE)

o Milk Duds (GLUTEN-FREE)

o Reese’s Pieces (GLUTEN-FREE),

o Butterfinger Pieces (GLUTEN-FREE),

o Whoppers (NOT GLUTEN FREE),

o Airhead Extremes (GLUTEN-FREE)

o Sour Gummy Worms (GLUTEN-FREE)

- Chicken Sluggers (BBQ Marinated grilled chicken drumsticks NOT GLUTEN-FREE)

- Pierogies (deep fried potato and cheese-filled pasta NOT GLUTEN-FREE)

- Pickle Chips (deep fried battered butter pick chips NOT GLUTEN-FREE)

- Giant Turkey Leg (1.5 pound giant smoked turkey legs from Michigan Turkey Producer. Could be gluten-free as long as it isn’t deep fried, have batter on it, or BBQ sauce, or seasoning. Ask them at the window to make one PLAIN with no seasoning. Again ask!)

- Lobster Roll

- Half Rack of Ribs (Billy Bones smoked St. Louis style ribs. MUST ASK, but the sauce might be gluten-free, you can see if you can get one without any sauce or seasoning. It doesn’t hurt to ask.)


Then it got to the end of the food list stating:

- GLUTEN – FREE HOT DOGS WITH GLUTEN-FREE BUN!!! This made me so excited. Everyone should be able to have a hot dog at a Baseball game!

You can get a Gluten-Free menu opon request.

You can read this article at:

Whitecaps Website is:

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