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Sorry about not posting in a long time. After being diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and dealing with a lot of pain I got overwhelmed and had to stop for a while. But not anymore.

I got to thinking about what I should do. Should I put all my blogs together or should I separate them. I decided to separate them because some of you might not want to read stuff about Celiac Disease or RSD, etc..

I will do my best to post frequently. It all depends on my schedule and information I want to share with you.

I'm giving out a big hug to my readers and followers. If you haven't subscribed to my blogs you should.  Thanks everyone!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Different Kinds Of Gluten Free Flours:

Different Kinds Of Gluten Free Flours:

1. Brown Rice Flour
2. White Rice Flour
3. Sweet Rice Flour

4. Almond Flour-high in protein and a small amount can be included in gluten free flour mixes. They can also be used in place of dried milk powder in some recipes if you are also on a dairy-free diet. Almond flour has been used since medieval times as a thickener.

5. Amaranth Flour-is the ground seed of the Amaranth plant. A strong tasting flour it is normally used in combination with other gluten free flours.

6. Arrowroot- an all purpose GF flour that can be used in baking and for thickening. Mild flavored and low in calories is easily digested. 

7. Buckwheat- despite the name it is GF. The plant is related to rhubarb. The ground seed produce a grey/brown flour which is nutritious, being a source of easily digested protein. It is high in fiber and is also said to reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure. It is used in pancakes, bread, normally mixes with other flours as it has a strong flavour. 

8.Corn Flour- (Cornstarch) is a light, white powder often used in GF mixes. It can be used by itself as an excellent thickner for sauces. 

9. Cornmeal- is a yellow flour, also known as Masa Harina (Masa) and is often used for making tortillas. Although allowed on a GF diet.

10. Gram Flour (besan, Garbanzo) - is made from chick peas. A golden yellow colored flour it is best used in savoury dishes. It is widely used in Indian cooking for things like pakoras and bajjis, however it can be used to make wonderful, slightly nutty pastry. DO NOT get it confused with Graham flour which is NOT gf.

11. Potato Starch Flour- used in bought mixes. It is very rarely used by itself but helps to produce the lightness and softness in a mix. It keeps well and can be bought in quantity. 

12. Quinoa- is a cereal grain from Peru which used to be the staple diet of the Incas. It is high in fat and is used in a GF flour mix to add moisture to baked goods. It has a pleasent, nutty taste. Good source of vegetable protein. 

13. Soy (soya flour)- made from the ground, roasted soy beans. It is high in protein and fat and has a nutty flavor. Full fat soy flour has a short shelf life and is best kept in the refrigerator or in the freezer. Defatted soy flour can be kept in the pantry. Baked goods using soy flour may brown more quickly so it is best to lower the oven temperature slightly.\

14. Tapioca Starch- commonly found in commercial GF flour mixes. Made from the root of the Cassava plant, tapioca flour serves to lighten baked items and helps impart a good texture and a "chewiness". It has no pronounced flavour. 

15. Teff Grains- tiny and the whole seed is ground into flour. including the germ and husk. It contains the highest calcium, zinc, potassium, and iron content of any cereal. Teff flour is high in dietary fiber and an excellent source of essential amino acids. A versatile flour that can be used to make breads, pasta, pancakes and muffins. 
16.Potato Flour-potato flour is slighty to very golden yellow. Smell it, it will have a distinct POTATO smell(like instant granules) and will be very slightly grainy in texture. It is used to add moisture and body to baked goods -- it is a strong flavor andextremely hydroscopic (absorbs water) when baked, so a little goes a LONG way (usually you use only a tsp per loaf of bread). Has long shelf life.
17.Sorghum Flour-is another nutritious grain. It is mild and sweet and very finely ground. It is used to add body and moisture to baked goods.

When You Cook

Make sure you watch out for this:

Keep preparation surfaces clean and free of clumbs

Do not shar utensils with non-gluten foods

Use squeeze bottles in avoid contamination of condiments

Good dish washing will remove gluten from untensils, pans, and dishes

Store GF foods above gluten-containing foods in the pantry

Naturally Gluten-Free

Here is a list of natural gluten-free foods:

Corn meal
Brown Rice
White Rice
Baking Powder
Baking Soda
Meats (be careful of fillers)
Fish (not breaded or seasoned)
Shrimp (not breaded or seasoned)
Potato Flour
Corn Starch
Swanson Chicken Broth
Powder Sugar
Organic Milk

**PLEASE READ LEBALS ALL THE TIME** companies could change ingrediants at any time!!

When You Shop for Groceries

When You Shop for Groceries follow these steps:

1. Always read labels ingredients may change.
2. Wheat Free is not Gluten Free
3. An Allergy statement on some foods always starts with contains:
4. Barley and rye, malt are not included in the top 8 allergens. Watch for them.
50+ Things Easy to Find
1. Tuna, water or oil packed
2. Ketchup, Mustard
3. Mayonnaise, Miracle Whip
4. Pickles, Olives, all vingers EXCEPT FOR MALT VINIGAR.
5. San J Wheat Free Tamari Sauce. Lay Choy Soy Sauce
6. Butter, Margarine
7. I Can't Believe its Not Butter (Margarine)
8. Eggs & Eggs Beaters
9. Black Label Bacon
10. Grits, Cornmeal, Cream of Rice Cereal
11. Fresh Fish, Meats and Poultry. 
12. Tyson frozen breast, wings, thighs
13. Butterball or Albertson's brand turkeys (no sauce packet!!)
14. Thumman's Deli Meats. Oscar Meyer Deli Meat.
15. Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs. 
16.Ball Park Hot Dogs
17. Hormel Chili WITH BEANS
18. Dinty Moore Beef Stew
19. Amy Gluten Free Frozen Macoronni and Cheese. Amys Gluten Free Frozen Enchilada Dinners
20. Hormel Pepperoni-- regular & turkey
21. Carl Budding sandwich meats
22. 100% pure ground beef or turkey
23. Fresh or Frozen Plain Vegetables
24. Velveeta
25. Sargento Deli Cheese Slices
26. Sargento Shredded Cheese. Kraft Shredded Cheese. (NO BLUE CHEESE!!!)
27. Philadelphia Cream Cheese
28. Daisy Sour Cream
30. Yoplait Yougurt
31. PLAIN Dannon Yogurt
32. Prego Spaghetti Sauce- Original
33. Lipton Onion Soup mix
34. Progresso Creamy Mushroom Soup
35. Thia Kitchen Instant Rice Noodles (Lemon Grass, Curry, Garlic & vegetables are ok) 
36. Plain brown or white rice
37.Corn Tortilla Chips 100% CORN TORTILLAS (please read label) 
38. Ruffles Potato Chip
39. Baked Potato Chips and Tortilla Chip
40. Plain rice cakes
41. Fresh Fruit, 100% Fruit Juice
42. Natural Peanut Butter
43. Jams and Jellies
44. Vanilla Ice Cream
45. Sorbets, Fruit Sorbets
46. Hershey's Chocolate candy bar
47. Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
48. Snickers Chocolate candy bar
49. Sugar Babies
50. Nestle's chocolate chips
51. Swiss Milk Chocolate
52. Organic Milk- all except flavored
53. Carnation Breakfest drink only powder NO CHOCOLATE MALT!
54. Boost Nutritional Drink
55. Coffee, Regular Tea
56. Coca Cola and Pepsi Products 
57, Raw or salted nuts or seeds
58. Swason Chicken and Vegetable broth


1. Tuna Salad on a bed of lettuce
2. Nachos
3. Quesadilla using corn tortilla
4. Fresh Fruit with Yogurt and nuts
5. Grits with Berries
6. Fried Polenta wedges with chili
7. Cheesey Chili with corn chips
8. Lettuce wrapped burger
9. omelet wth vegetables and cheese
10. Stir- Fried rice with meat & vegetables
11. Rice pudding with raisins
12. Baked potato with cheese, sour cream, chopped bacon, chives. 
13. Chili Cheese baked potato
14. Hot Dog rolled in a tortilla
15. Thai noodles with chicken
16. Trail Mix with nuts, dried fruits and chocolate chips
17. Stew with corn chips
18. Spagehtt with rice noddles
19. Peaut butter and apple slices on rice cakes
20. Fresh vegetables and fruit with peanut butter for dipping
21. Chocolate milk using Hershey syrup
22. Banana Split using ice cream, chocolate syrup & strawberry jam
23. Tortilla pizza with corn tortilla & peperoni, spagehtti sauce & cheese
24. Quick vegetable soup with canned vegetables ad stewed tomatoes
25. Cottage Cheese and fruit salad
26. Amys Enchilda dinner
27. Peanut butter and jelly on rice cakes
28. Meat and cheese roll-ups
29. Meat rollup with cream cheese and asparagus spears
30. Bacon, lettuce and tomato on Corn tortilla
31. Easy chicken casserole with Thia noodles, precooked chicken and Progresso Creamy mushroom Soup
32. Easy hamburger stroganoff with Thai noodles, Progresso Creamy mushroom soup and sour cream.
33. No bun chili dogs
34. Meat and Cheese sandwich wrap using corn tortilla
35. Soft shell corn tacos
36. Homemade teriyaki chicken with rice
37. Homemade chicken nuggets with crushed potato chip coating
38. Scrambled eggs and bacon
39. Grits and cheese
40. Tuna melt on rice cake polenta or tortilla
41. Quick shepard's pie with mashed potato crust and Dinty Moore Stew
42. Fruity Breakfest Drink with yogurt orange juice banana and berries blended
43. Milkshake with chocolate or use a jam for flavoring
44. vegetables with melted cheese sauce
45. Sorbet with frest fruit
46. Teriyaki Turkey burger patti with rice noodles
47. Creamy Vegetables soup with progresso creamy mushroom soupr
48. Iced Coffee and Mocha
49. Ice Tea
50. Grilled Chicken salad with grapes, nuts, and mayo on shredded cabbage

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