Friday, November 28, 2014

What Not to Give and What to Give Someone with a Gluten & Wheat Allergy?

Everyone loves this time of year except for people with Celiac Disease or people who have food allergies.
When Family and Friends don't know what to give a person for Christmas, Holidays, Birthdays they automatically go to food. They will give you a gift certificate to a restaurant or a gift bag full of food from World Market. Don't be too mad at your family or friend. I will make them feel really bad by saying, "Man this looks so yummy but I can't eat any of it, so I am re-gifting it to you right now so Merry Christmas 2015." 

This is a time when friends and family doesn't know what to get people so they get them food and gift cards to restaurants. Celiac & Gluten Allergy hates them.

Here is a list of what NOT to give someone with Gluten and Wheat Allergy:

1. DO NOT give them a gift card to a restaurant. 

I can't count how many times my friends or family have given me a gift card to McDonalds, Steak n Shake. 
Steak n Shake is a scary place to eat if you are gluten-free. McDonalds has nothing to eat. 

DO NOT give them gift cards to fast foods because they don't do a good job with gluten allergies.   

If for some reason you have a family or friend tradition of giving someone a restaurant gift card then do some research for your area. Call restaurants in your area. For example, in Grand Rapids Michigan area, Georgio's Pizzeria has gluten free pizza and pasta. The Olive Garden has gluten-free pasta and Red Robin has a gluten-free bun at the 28th Street location by Woodland Mall. Again take some time to do the research. If you don't have time to do the research then don't give the person a food gift card. 

2. DO NOT give them gift baskets of food or Towering boxes with food. 

I hate it when a friend hands me a pre-made food gift basket.  If I am lucky I might be able to eat one item from it. Plus, you know the person didn't put much thought to the gift.   Don't give your friend or family with Gluten allergies a basket full of crackers, sausages, cheese, and dips. Even worse don't give them a basket full of a variety of cookies and chocolates.  Such as these:

3. DO NOT give them  Tin of Popcorn

You wouldn't think it would have gluten and wheat in them but a lot of them do. The wheat and gluten is usually coming from the seasoning or topping or the facility in which it was made.

ALWAYS READ THE INGREDIENTS. IF IT DOESN'T SAY GLUTEN-FREE ON IT THEN DON'T GET IT. It is better to be safe then sorry. Also, if it says it is gluten-free, but was made in a facility with wheat, DON'T GET IT. Again it is better to be safe then sorry. 

If you have a tradition of giving a tin of popcorn a place that does have Gluten-Free popcorn is:

4.  DO NOT Give them homemade cookies or bake-goods you  made. 

Only give them bake goods if you are 100% sure they are gluten-free. wheat, barley, oats (unless it says Gluten Free Oats). Be extra careful with contamination. Make sure you wash your utensils, pots and pans extra hard. If at all possible use wax paper, aluminum foil or something on your pans to have extra protection from contamination.

5. DO NOT give them a subscription to Cooking Magazines such as Rachel Rays, Cooking Network, etc. (Unless told otherwise from your family member or friend). 

I hate getting a subscription to Rachel Rays or the Cooking Network and seeing so many recipes that I can't have.There is always a way to take those recipes and make them gluten-free, but it takes time and money to perfect them into being tasty gluten-free.

Instead get them a magazine subscription to:
Simply Gluten Free Magazine

Gluten Free Living

6. DO NOT give hand creams, soaps, shampoos, conditioners and makeup without making sure they are gluten-free. 

People forget there can be glutens in body lotions, hand lotions, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and makeup. If you know the products the person you are buying for uses then you should be fine. If not just do a simple phone call to the company to make sure. You can also look it up on the Internet.  Just keep in mind products ingredients do change so look for the date on your research.

What to Get your Gluten & Wheat sufferers:

 1. Kitchen Tools

Celiac's and people with food allergies do a lot of baking. 

2.  Gloves

3. Messages, Hair Cut.

4. Gluten-Free Apps

5. Gluten-Free Magazine Subscriptions such:

6. Gluten-Free Cookbooks

7. Movie Tickets

8. Community Theatre Tickets. 
If you live near Grand Rapids, MI. Check out:

Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

Broadway Grand Rapids

9. Scarves

10. Gift Cards for Retail Stores, Amazon, Ebay, etc.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Gluten Free Pizza Delivery

I heard that Georgio's Gourmet Pizza carries an amazing Gluten Free pizza. I was in the area with my mother and grandmother. We decided to see if they actual do carry that amazing Gluten Free pizza that everyone has been talking about. I was so excited. THEY DO!! (Jumping up and down with excitement).  People were looking at me like I was crazy. 

    The GF pizza only comes in a 10' pizza with two toppings. I love chicken and pineapple pizza.  I made sure the chicken was GF because you never know if their seasoning they put on it contains gluten or sometimes all they have is breaded chicken.  Our waitress checked and came back saying they can put a piece of plain chicken on my pizza. I ended up ordering my pizza with chicken, spinach, and pineapple.  The waitress told me the pizza takes about 20 minutes to cook. I had time to wait.   But if you are going on your lunch break make sure you have at least 30 minutes just incase.   

    I was prepared for a flat thin crust that looks hard or rubbery.  I was eating lunch with my mother and my grandma. My grandma ordered pizza, so when the pizza came to the table I thought they screwed up because the 10' inch Gluten Free pizza looked like the regular pizza. The waitress assured me that it is. It was it because my grandma got the ham and cheese.  That 10' inch pizza was packed with chicken, pineapple, and spinach. The crust wasn't extremely thin or extremely thick. It was rubber or grainy.  It was perfect. The crust didn't look like a frozen crust they just heated up. Instead it looked like a normal rolled out yummy pizza.

I had to get my grandma's opinion on it. She didn't really know it was gluten free because she was paying attention. I have a thin piece. Did want to give her too much because that yummy pizza was all mine. My grandma tried it. She took the bite. She says, "Yum that is really good." I said to her, "That is Gluten Free." She replies, "Really." I replied back, "Yeah I know. It is crazy good." 

I saw on their menu they deliver. I made sure they deliver the Gluten Free pizza and they do. They are located, for me, in Grand Rapids/Kentwood/Cascade area MI. I am so excited to have GF pizza delivery. They also have Gluten Free pasta too.  The prices are very reasonable. You get alot for your money.  I believe the 10" gluten free pizza with three toppings came to $15.99.  Keep in mind that the meats are an extra $1.99. 

I had leftovers. I warmed a slice up in my oven and it came out tasting like I just ordered it. I ended up eating my pizza for two days and it help up great. I am not a huge fan of cold pizza. I never had been so I can't really give you an opinion on that because it would taste nasty to me even if it had gluten in it. I hate cold pizza. Never could understand how people can eat cold pizza and to eat it for breakfast. 

If you are in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area you must stop over and grab some of Georgio’s Gourmet Pizza.

How would I rate my experience a 5 out of 5 stars. 
How would I rate the taste of the Gluten Free Pizza 5 out of 5. 

Please send them a thank you letter expressing how thankful you are about them serving gluten free food.  

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