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GFF (Good Food Forever) Gluten-Free Magazine

GFF (Good Food Forever)Gluten-Free MAGAZINE

I thought the only Gluten-Free magazines were Living Without MagazineGluten-Free Living, and Delight Gluten-Free Magazine, but then I came across GFF Magazine when looking for a Gluten-Free recipe.
GFF is a quarterly magazine for food lovers.

There information on their site (
       GFF celebrates uncompromisingly Good Food (Forever), drinks, and destinations, and the joy of creating and sharing them with others. And, oh yes: it's Gluten-Free (Forever), too, although you'll never taste the difference.
        Each issue features recipes from top chefs, cookbook authors, and bloggers; tutorials for mastering gluten-free cooking; trends, products, people, and places worth knowing about; deliciously indulgent travel; lifestyle extras that will elevate your everyday; and a whole lot of fun.

I got myself a copy and have decided this magazine is now my favorite Gluten-Free magazine of all time. Why? you may be asking. The reasons are:

Reason 1: There is 51 pages of information and recipes.
    The Living without Magazine, Gluten-Free Living  and Delight Gluten-Free Magazine are usually only 25 to 35 pages depending on the time of year.

Reason 2: 98% of it is actual content and not ads.
unlike The Living Without Magazine, Gluten-Free Living and Delight Gluten-Free Magazine are all just ads.

Reason 3: Tons of recipes.
      I believe I counted to be 34 recipes. Compared to the three magazines they would only have 10-15 recipes if you are lucky.

Reason 4:  Has a variety of recipes-
     GFF Magazine has pasta, meat, salads, drinks, desserts, bread, and so on.

Reason 4: It has a variety of information type articles.

Reason 5: Beautiful photos.
     Not that the other magazines didn't because they do.

Please keep in mind I still and will always love reading The Living without Magazine, Gluten-Free Living and Gluten-Free Magazine.

I love the traveling section as well because it not only lists restaurants that serve 100% gluten-free, but also where to stay and where to visit.


What is in the Fall 2014 Issue? Here is the Contents:  

  • Edible Art- a sweet still life, photographer Maren Carus
  • Editor's Letter- Erika Lenkert on what we're all about. 
  • Contributors- just a few of the talents in this issue. 
  • Where It's -- all the news that's fit to RT
  • Good Stuff-- Gear we covet for the home, body, and mouth. Curated by Bonnie Cohen
  • GFF Faves- our recs for the best grocery store crackers by Amy Copperman
  • Weeknight Warriors- Five recipes that bring new (and tastier!) meaning to the workday "grind" 
  • Chef's Table- A holiday feast worth recreating, by the culinary greats behind San Francisco's Delfina Foreign Cinema, and Recchiuti Confections. 
  • Destination San Francisco- How to live it up like a food-loving local in the City by the Bay by Marcia Gagliardi, Erkia Lenkert, Maren Caruso, and Catherine Jacobes. 
  • Skill It- Everything you need to know to make the ultimate GF pie crust by Jeffrey Larsen.
  • Game On!- A playful reprieve for the bus, bath, or bedside table.
  • Recipe Index- the who, what, and where on this issue's tasty vittles. 
  • Happy Ending- Butterscotch pudding so good you'll want to lick the glass clean by Scott Warner.
  • Oh Niki, You're So Fine! 
  • Spread the Love- Cheese expert Laura Werlin's tips for off-the-hook cheese plates. 
  • Sourdough's Rising Star- Baker Sadie Scheffer and her obsession-worthy allergen-free bread. 
  • Gut Instincts- Best-selling journalist Aimee Lee Ball on the state of GF affairs. 
  • Paella: The Instant Party! - The one dish extravaganza done right. 
  • Why Drinking Spanish is Fly- Amy Copperman's primer to grabbing a good bottle of wine tonight. 
  • Head Trip- Victoria Granof's mind blowing ways to roast whole cauliflower
  • 3 Cheers for Party Season!- Easy cocktail recipes that raise the bar and the glass by Jeff Burkhart
  • Grate Expectations- Eily Garland's vibrant latkes for breakfast, holidays, and cocktail parties. 
  • Rediscovering the Joy of Cooking- Gluten-Free Girl Shauna Ahern on cooking and celiac disease. 
  • Gifts of Good Taste- Three tasty treats to make, give, and gobble up this season. 

GFF Magazine Cost:
This magazine is worth every penny.

  • Issue 2- Print collectible Limited Edition is: $15.00
  • Issue 2- PDF Collectible Limited Edition is: $10.00

  • ANNUAL PRINT SUBSCRIPTION is:$50.00 / year
  • ANNUAL PDF SUBSCRIPTION $40.00 for 1 year

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