Sunday, August 27, 2017

Picketts on The Porch Ends up in a Fight

I can't wait for the show to come out on Entertainment For All Network. This Redneck family isn't your typical redneck family. They all have a crazy story. They talk about Taylor Swifts new song, the Hurricane Harvey and their new rat possum aka dog.  To top it all the Corn Mafia had to show up.

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What Could Have Caused Your Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is serious autoimmune disease caused by an immune reaction to the ingestion of gluten. 40% of the population has one or both genetic biomarkers for celiac disease, but just 1% of the population actually develops the disease. 
Researcher are getting closer to figuring out what could be causing Celiac Disease. According to this video scientists believe reovirus, which is a common and often harmless virus, might be causing the immune system to attack harmless food molecules, like gluten, triggering celiac disease.  Researching are continuing working on figuring out what is causing it in hopes of finding a cure.

Life Keeps Beating Me Up Now Family Can I Give Up?

Me as a Baby, My Mom and My Dad (1986) Life can sure break you down espeically when it comes from family. As you know, I have three am...