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Prayer Warrior Confessions by Harriet E. Michael & Shirley Crowder Book Review


Author: Harriet E. Michael and Shirley Crowder
Genre: Non-Fiction, Christian Living, Inspirational
Release Date: November, 2018
Publisher: Write Integrity Press
Come along with other prayer warriors and read their stories. Some of the stories will make you cry while others will make you laugh. Each story ends with a confession from the writer in which he or she shares an insight about prayer or something new they learned through their experience.
Readers of Prayer Warrior Confessions will learn more about prayer as they enjoy the true and candid stories of other people’s experiences with prayer. They see the stories through the writers’ eyes and glean the insights the writers learned.
True stories of prayer in action that will make you cry, laugh, sigh, smile, and stand amazed.
I was really surprised with Prayer Warrior Confessions. I thought it was going to be a very preachy book. Instead, it was full of heartwarming stories. There are thirty-seven stories. A lot of personal and missionary stories. Most of the stories I was able to follow along but there were a couple I found hard to follow. All of these stories talked about family, friends, and missionary work. 
Crowder and Micheal through these stories explain that not every prayer is answered in the way you were hoping. It shows you the amazing ways God listen to our prayers and points us in the direction to get our prayers answered. At the end of each chapter, there is a confession.  I would highly recommend this book, especially for a daily devotional or Bible Study. Prayer Warrior Confessions contains real stories from real people.   

Here are some confession examples in the book:
My Confession : There is an old saying, “God
helps those who help themselves.” This may not be
theologically accurate and there are many times
God helps those who cannot help themselves. Often
God expects us to do our part too. With prayer and
effort, much can be accomplished.
~ Nwakuche Emeka ~

My Confession: God’s ways are not our ways.
Sometimes when we are praying for a specific
situation, God has a much bigger plan in mind
which will bear fruit for years to come.
~ Shirley Crowder ~


The authors, Shirley Crowder and Harriet E. Michael are lifelong friends whose parents served as missionaries in Nigeria, West Africa. Their friendship has spanned across two continents, numerous states, and many, many years. Learn more about them at

Guest Post from Shirley & Harriet

God writes the best stories … and sometimes we get the privilege of recording them.
Co-writers Harriet E. Michael and Shirley Crowder have a common interest in all things Biblical. Over the past few years they have worked together on a series of books on the topic of prayer. “Prayer Warrior Confessions” is the fourth & final book in that series. It is a book filled with true stories of experiences with and lessons learned about prayer. This collection of true stories was written by various contributors who retell a story from their lives about a time they saw prayers answered, and/or learned a new lesson about prayer. These stories are heartwarming, exciting, sad, funny, and will touch your heart in so many ways while also sharing deeper insights into prayer.
Yes, God creates the best stories & He writes them on the parchment of our lives, teaching us lessons through them.

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