Friday, January 12, 2018

Jewelry Addiction

Stargaze Jewelry

I may be all about film, theatre, and health, but I am also addicted fashion and style.  I may be broke, but I do have good taste especially shopping at thrift stores. Anyways, my grandpa got me hooked on jewelry. He would always buy me jewelry right and left.  After he passed I am always on the lookout for the style of jewelry he used to buy for me. I am so excited that I found a company that sells the type of jewelry he would buy for me. Stargaze Jewelry 

Their style is so gorgeous. Their jewelry is high quality and makes me feel incredibly pretty.  Their pieces also have a vintage/antique look to them. What  They also have some gorgeous clothing.  The best part is their prices. There Jewelry is as low as $9.99 to the most expensive piece is $44.00. They have amazing sales. That is how I buy my pieces.  They are always putting new pieces on the site. The one negative thing is their pieces sell out fast so if you see something you better get because if you come back to it later likely it gets sold out.

A got a coupon code for you to use: CYBER.

Paris Choker- Stargaze Jewelry

Diamond Cross Necklace Stargaze Jewelry 

Naya Choker- Stargaze Jewelry
Luna Choker- Stargaze Jewelry

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