Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Unimaginable by Jeremiah J. Johnston Book Review

Jeremiah J. Johnston’s Unimaginable discusses what our world would be like without Christianity.  He discusses how Christianity has stood against the evils of slavery (more than once) racism and injustices toward women and children.
The book guides the reader through history to see how Jesus’s teachings have changed our world and continue to be the powerful force for good today.
Johnston organizes the book in three parts:
1. The World before Christianity
2. The World without Christianity
3. The world with Christianity

Who is Jeremiah J. Johnston? He is known for his communication and his infectious love for people. He is President of Christian Thinkers Society. His passion is working with local churches and pastors in equipping Christians to give intellectually informed accounts of what they believe. He speaks in churches of all denominations. He has spoken on Fox News, CBS This Morning, Vanity Fair, Premier Christianity Magazine & Premier radio, RELEVANT Magazine, DECISION magazine, The Christian Post, Moody Radio Network, Salem Radio Network, numerous networks affiliate television stations.
He explores questions such as: Is God Dying?   What really caused the church to expand and explain? Christians were accused of atheism, for they did not acknowledge the existence of the Greco-Roman gods and refused to worship the emperor as the Son of God (p.59 para.3).
Throughout his book, he talks about a variety of good and bad leaders throughout history. Leaders he discusses are Ludwig Feuerbach, Charles Paquin, Karl Marx, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud, Margaret Mead, Alfred Kinsey, Bertrand Russell, Jean-Paul Sartre, Hitler.

What have I taken from this book? I learned a lot of evil leaders and people who have turned away from God is because of bad parents and parents scramming religious beliefs down their throat. For example, Richard Darwin was sent to Anglican Boarding School where he was molested. Johnston has a lot of interesting facts such as “Christians established the first universities. Hemergeal in Paris in the 1100s and into the 1800s (p.155).”

Yes, I have found Unimaginable very interesting, but also stresses throughout the book Christians are perfect. If you don’t follow Him then your sins won’t be forgiven. The only way to be perfect in Gods light is to be praying every day with no distractions and going to church. I put my heart and soul into God, however, I don’t believe in religion. I believe religion creates violence. I do however believe whole heartily in God and pray a lot to him. People tell me I am not a Christian because I don’t go to church. This is the problem. I feel the church shouldn’t be the only way to connect with God.

I found the ultimate goal of Johnston’s Unimaginable is to shed a new light on old questions: Does God love me? How do I know? Does God still work in the world? Is there a divine purpose in my life?

Only in viewing God rightly we can see ourselves correctly and learn to love rather than hate those around us. Who are also beloved by a heavenly father (p. 196 para 5).

Would I recommend this book? Yes. Like I said it had some really interesting information. There aren't any study questions in the back of the book, but it still would be a good book for Bible study.
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