Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Crazy Costs of Spaying a Kitten

Trixie my female kitten is needing to be spayed really soon.  She will be 6 months old in two weeks.  I am trying to decide where I should take her to get it done. My regular vet charges $125 and this includes bloodwork, exam, medication, IV Fluids, overnight stay and the cone of shame.

I thought maybe there might another Vet out there that charges less, but was really surprised at how crazy different the prices are from one vet to another. I was expecting Vets are charging around the same amount, but I was totally wrong.

Here is my research:

  • Northland Animal Hospital charges $90 for a pre-surgery exam + $450 (Surgery, Bloodwork, Overnight stay, Medications) + $61(Micro Chip) 
  • Cascade Animal Hospital - $40 Pre-Exam + $333 Surgery + $41 Microchip
  • Kentwood Animal Hospital $250 Surgery + $61 Microchip
  • Red Barn Animal Hospital $200 Surgery + $40 Microchip 
  • Cat Clinic surprised me the most. I was expecting this one to be the $450 but instead, they were $40 pre-exam +$175 Surgery + $40 Microchip. 

  • C-Snip is the cheapest at $45 for both the microchip and surgery. All of my friends are telling me to take her to C-Snip, but I like how my vet is doing bloodwork and exam before doing the surgery.  
It is extremely important to spay and neuter your pet. It is also important to not declaw your cats.  I still can't believe all the vets asked me if I would like to declaw my kitten. Hell no!! I would never do that. It is basically cutting their fingers off.  That is just plain cruel. If you don't want a pet with claws then don't get a cat. There are little nail toppers that help cats not scratch the furniture. Went on a rant. 

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