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Book Review on Abracadabra Whoopsie by Adam Kargman Illustrated by Tristan Tait

 Mascot Books Publishes Children’s Book 
Abracadabra Whoopsie by Adam Kargman


Herndon, VA; April 2, 2019: Mascot Books announces the release of Abracadabra Whoopsie by Adam Kargman; Illustrated by Tristan Tait

What if you could make your little sister disappear?

When Jordy discovers a magic wand, he learns he can do just that. Whenever he wants some peace and quiet, all he has to do is say “Abracadabra Whoopsie,” and . . . Poof! His little sister Keeka vanishes. When he’s ready for her to come back, he simply says it reversed: “Whoopsie Abracadabra.” Easy as that.

But after the wand is stolen, Jordy must recover it or risk losing his sister forever!


This is a very cute children's book talking about a first child having to deal with the new baby. When it comes to grade level reading I would say 2nd-3rd grade because there are some tricky long words in this book. Tristian Tait did an amazing job with the illustration. Every page had some really fun details. Some of the drawings remind a little of Manga.  This is a great bedtime story. The best part about this book it had a surprise twist I never saw coming.


Adam Kargman

Adam Kargman, an award-winning filmmaker, novelist, and attorney, lives in Encino, California, with his wife and their two children. Abracadabra Whoopsie is his first foray into children’s fiction. The story was inspired by the sibling rivalry he witnessed between his kids, which led him to wonder what would really happen if one sibling’s dream to make the other one vanish came true. His goal was to write a book that was equally fun to children and the adults reading to them. With wacky humor and richly detailed illustrations, Abracadabra Whoopsie is a story that anyone with a sibling can relate to, capped with exciting twists and an ending that may bring a tear to your eye. The book teaches that remembering happy moments is a good corrective to moments of anger or jealousy.
Adam is also the author of the novel Nagle’s Mercy, which was hailed by Kirkus as a "thoroughly enjoyable edge-of-your-seat read" with "nonstop action and palpable psychological tension," and designated a SELF-e Select title by the staff of Library Journal. He has also written and directed several award-winning films.

Tristan Tait
Tristan Tait is an artist based in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to illustrating children’s picture books, he has done art for albums, comic books, magazines, films and video games.
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