Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 Junkie Review

For some reason, I fell in love with Below Deck series, especially Below Deck Mediterranean.

Why not spend a night watching rich people getting drunk and employees making a fool of themselves.

Season 4 has been one of my favorite seasons. There wasn't much drinking and sex like the previous seasons. This season did bring up some hard topics such as dealing with being an alcoholic, rape, culture, homophobic.

Bravo brings us on a trip through the French Riviera for Season 4. Captain Sandy brings a new level  of leadership in season four on the "Sirocco" mega yacht. With high expectations, she has no tolerance for anything short of perfection and will take drastic measures if the crew can't deliver. Hannh, looking to right her wrongs from last season, is hoping for smooth sailing with a strong interior crew. But will choppy waters threaten her redemption? Mila, classically trained in French culinary cuisine, becomes the first female chef in franchise history, but after a bout with food poisoning right as the first charter guests are set to arrive, she'll have her work cut out for her. Aesha, coping with a difficult past and using humor to get through tough times, is ready to hit the high seas and get another charter under her belt. Anastasia, born in the Republic of Georgia, has a strong sense of pride in her work ethic which takes her on an unexpected journey. Joao is looking for a fresh start and is laser focused on being the best Bosun for the crew, but not everyone is on board. Colin, feeling homesick, quickly finds himself on the outs after tyring to connect with the new deck crew. Travis after a few mishaps begins to question leadership, however, it's his "work hard, play hard" mentality that comes into question by the rest of the crew. Jack ruggles feathers when the crew notices he's putting more effort into pursuing a crew member than his actualjob.  


Mila Kolomeitseva was the first female chef in Below Deck history and sadly it was a disaster.  She ended up becoming one of the worst chefs ever on Below Deck.
She had to have lied on her resume. She attended Paris' prestigious Le Cordon Bleu cooking school where she quickly got her first job as a private chef working on a small boat. You have to watch the first 2 episodes because after watching them I felt really good about my cooking skills.  She put steaks in the microwave. She used Aunt Jemima pancake mix because she couldn't figure out how to make pancakes. I couldn't help bursting out laughing when she said she didn't know how to bake a cake. Luckily for Mila, Anastasia Surmava, Third Stew,  saved the day by baking a cake. She did it extremely well. Captain Sandy made one of the best decisions to put Anastasia in as the chef and Mila will help out, but that didn't last long.
We quickly find out Mila is a homophobic and believes people who date/marry the same sex or are a drag or a trans person will go to hell and should be punished. Mila went bye-bye.  

This was Mila's Taco Meal to the Guest
Anastasia took the complete chef role so they ended up having to hire another person to be the Third Stew. They brought in June Foster. As the episodes went Anastasia was becoming so stressed out. She was on a rollercoaster when it came to being a chef. One minute her meals were making the guests and Captain Sandy happy, but then other times her meals were a complete disaster.  She couldn't take it anymore and talk to Captain Sandy about going back to Third Stew and get another chef.
Captain Sandy hired Ben Robinson. I love Ben. He has a great personality and you can see he has so much passion for food especially his own food. Every episode
 shows his frustration with the small 
kitchen and how the equipment isn't working properly. He gets upset with Hannah when she doesn't get the food to the guest right that second. There really wasn't too much of Hannah and Ben arguing and fighting like previous seasons.
Ben Robinson reacts to the things Mila cooked.

The Amazing Chef Ben Robinson has Arrived to Save the Day

Anastasia takes on the Chef Role

Here is a video of Ben Robinson's reactions to Mila's food for the guests. It is a really funny video.  

Captain Sandy lets June Foster Go
June Foster got fired because she wasn't the greatest at what she was doing, but also because Anastasia is taking back her job.
June is like when you develop a fart. It doesn't bother you in the beginning but it slowly causes pressure and pain until it goes bye-bye. That is June. 

The deckhand kept making Captain Sandy happy towards the end of the season. I am not a fan of Joao Franco because he is a narcissist and has a huge ego. He thinks he knows everything. Throughout the season he was trying his best to kiss up to the Captain, but she wasn't stupid and knew what he was doing.  Joao stayed away from alcohol, unlike previous seasons.  He helped get supplies for the Bahamas, but did he do that to be kind or did he do that to boost his ego and make people feel how amazing he is. He flirts with girls. I don't ever see him getting married and having kids because he cheats on his girlfriends and a constant flirt. He is rude to women. He brought a woman on the boat he met at a bar and after he sobered up a little he realized she was really ugly and tried to get the crew to help him get her off the boat.  He is cruel and selfish. He has a lot of maturing to do.

Travis is 100% an alcoholic and even Captain Sandy picked it up and was concerned. She had a heart to heart conversation with him about his drinking and told him how she was an alcoholic. She told him how much better the world becomes when you get sober, but it isn't easy but is worth it.  I thought it was kind of her to do that instead of just yelling at him and threatening his job.  I think that is why I love Below Deck Mediterranean better because Captain Sandy is a great leader, stern but very kind. She really cares about them. Below Deck with Captain Lee is quiet and extremely stern. I have not seen any kindness from him with his crew. He is usually just yelling at his crew.

This season didn't have as many romantic romances like previous seasons. There was a small relationship between Colin and June, but after she left we didn't hear Colin talk about her.  

Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup's was the biggest romantic relationship this season. Jack was a player. He made me made when he was laughing about rape and sexual assault. Aesha took it to heart because she had sexual assault happen to her. He apologized, but I don't think he actually is sorry.

Aesha knows dating and yachting don't work, but Jack kept pushing her into being his girlfriend. She didn't want to have sex until they were dating so he wrote out sappy love letters, songs, and gave her gifts. In the last episode, he does a cute thing asking her to be his girlfriend. You could tell she didn't; know what to say. She was shocked. They do make a great couple because they are both quirky, annoying,  free-spirited and a weird sense of humor. 
Hannah is Serving the Guests

Then there is Hannah Ferrier. This was the first season I liked her. It was really nice to see her the kindness side of her. Previous seasons she was so mean and hated pretty much everyone. No one made her happy. If I remember last season she kept getting so many severe anxiety attacks and panic attacks because she couldn't take complaints from Captain Sandy and other crew members. This season she seemed to be more chill, used listening skills and better communication skills.  I felt for Hannah this season because Captain Sandy wasn't happy with her work and the interior, but the interior was down a person for a couple of charters because of Anastasia having to step in the chef role.  However, I do agree with the Captain the interior's table decorations were awful. 

Captain Sandy and the Crew talks about the money and life being in a yacht. 

Check out Below the Deck Mediterranean Click Here

I was always wondering how much do they make.  I googled it.  Here is my summary on the topic of money.  

  • Captain Sandy can make anywhere from $120,000 to $180,000 a year on the low end.  
  • The chef can make $70,000 or more a year. 
  • A chief stewardess can make between $62,000 and up. 
  • Bosun range from $48,000 and up. 
  • Chief stewardess gets paid anywhere from $62,000 or more. 
  • Second and Third Stewardess positions make around $50,000 or more. 

Bravo said the crew's tips can be as much as $30, 000. Those tips are split evenly between all cast and crew members on the yacht. In one season alone they made $168, 000 in tip money. This means one crew member alone brings home $14,000 or more just in tip money. Mark Cronin, the producer, said they make anywhere from $1,000 to $2, 000 in tips per charter. Each charter lasts three days and the show films for six weeks. This makes the crew earn around $14, 000 or more just in tips. While some reality television stars earn more than $150, 000 per episode, the Below Deck cast does not, according to Producer Mark Cronin. The cast only makes a "small sum" for appearing on the show.  He didn't say how much the amount is. I am assuming it has to be a few thousand per episode. 

I was fascinated to learn the charter guests do not get paid by Bravo and are given a large discount on off the charter fee. It is said to be around 50% off the cost, plus free airfares are thrown in, but they are expected to tip heavily. They are expected to tip 15% to 20% of their total charter fee which is still a substantial amount despite the appearance discounts. 

I was not there in person but from what I could see I believe this team worked together pretty well. There was a little scruff here and there, but nothing like previous seasons. I highly recommend watching Below Deck Mediterranean if you have an interest in wanting to be in the yachting industry this show is a great learning tool because it shows you how not to act or just want a good laugh. It hard not getting hooked into the show. I hope there will be a season 5!!

The Cast
Captain Sandy is back for another exciting season; this time in the beautiful French Riviera. A Fort Lauderdale native with over 29 years of yachting experience, Sandy is one of only a handful of female captains in the yachting industry, and has overcome both professional and personal obstacles, including a life-threatening motorcycle accident and cancer. But it’s her strength and resilience that helped her beat the odds at every turn, and has also made her one of the most respected captains in the industry. For Sandy, the guests always come first and she will do everything in her power to satisfy their every need. She expects her crew to be buttoned up to perfection and to deliver her signature “seven-star service.” Captain Sandy is ready to lead her new crew in the Mediterranean and to bring her unique management style aboard the new season.

Hannah Ferrier

Chief Stew 

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Hannah is in her ninth year as a chief stew in her second home, South of France. After a bumpy last season, and coming face to face with her anxiety, she is now intent on focusing on her work, not on her love life. With renewed determination to provide unparalleled service, Hannah is excited to shows this season’s charter guests all the joie de vivre the South of France has to offer. Twitter:  Blog:

João Franco

João grew up in Zimbabwe in the midst of political strife and corruption, where surviving became a daily objective. Highly motivated to leave that life behind, João got a job doing day work for a boat captain, which began the rapid career trajectory that landed him as this season’s bosun of the Sirocco. While his professional path has been gold star all the way, his personal path has not. This season will prove whether he has learned from his past mistakes and is ready to show to Sandy that he has what it takes to be the best bosun.

Colin Macy-O'Toole 
Returning deckhand, Colin Macy-O’Toole is ready to take on the South of France and all the challenges that are sure to arise. Colin grew up on the south shore of Long Island, New York and has a degree in music. Although music is his passion, boats are his life. He started working as a deckhand when he was 15 years old, and when he’s not crewing the Sirocco, he is the Ferry/Port Captain in charge of all the comings and goings of all the Fire Island ferries. Colin is single and ready to mingle with his infectious sense of humor. He is a quintessential New York Italian Momma’s boy, who has a very strong connection to his friends and family. This fish out of water may get homesick, but he is excited to continue in learning more about the yachting industry on his new adventure.

Anastasia Surmava

Anastasia Surmava

Third Stew
Anastasia was born in the Republic of Georgia, where she was raised by her pastry chef mother, and at two-years-old relocated to America after her mother remarried. Always looking to absorb as much knowledge as possible, Anastasia immediately took to a life on water when she met and began dating a young captain who introduced her to the industry. With her strong work ethic and perfectionist approach, she is ready to take on being a third stew aboard the Sirocco.

Aesha Scott

Second Stew
Growing up with four brothers and a sister, Aesha was raised to be loud and gregarious with a bawdy sense of humor and always down to have fun. Growing up in small-town New Zealand, yachting was never really on her radar, however, she was drawn to the adventurous lifestyle. Once she jumped into the industry, she was hooked, and hasn’t looked back since. Yachting for over four years, Aesha began working as a deckhand before moving over to the interior. Though she loves both roles, she prefers working with guests and prides herself on always doing an impeccable job. Whether she’s partying with her friends and fellow crew, diving, exploring various destinations, or flirting with the nearest deckhand, Aesha’s end goal is always the same: to have a blast.

Travis Michalzik

Travis grew up in Perth, Australia, where he decided to leave high school on a pursuit to finding true happiness. After a series of courses and odd jobs, he heard about a deckhand job on a sailing yacht, and for the last eight years has been living the life as a jokester, party boy “yachtie” with a work hard, play harder attitude. As a deckhand, he appreciates good work ethic paired with strong communication skills – if he is going to survive nine charters with his fellow crew, he hopes they’re able to match his skill and keep up with him.

Jack Stirrup

A free-spirited Brit, born and raised in Liverpool, Jack spent time working in the Merchant Navy as an engineer and brought those skill to the exciting world of yachting. With his crazy curls, year-round tan and smooth accent, it is easy to see why Jack is quite the ladies’ man.

Ben Robinson
Chef Ben Robinson is accomplished on both land and sea. He has over 15 years experience in yachting as head chef, including the largest sailing yacht in the world. Previously, Ben worked under Italian master chefs in Florence as well as a 3-Michelin Star restaurant The Fat Duck, based in the United Kingdom.  
Originally from Oxford, England and currently residing in Ft. Lauderdale, Ben’s high-end catering firm currently takes him all over the world, preparing meals for exclusive clientele. He is also a Certified Health Coach, specializing in weight loss, cancer and addiction. After a couple seasons away to focus on the success of his business, Ben returns to the Mediterranean ready to deliver a one-of-a-kind dining experience. 

Mila Kolomeitseva
Mila is the first female chef in Below Deck history, and ready to serve her signature French/Mediterranean cuisine to this season’s charter guests. Growing up in Siberia as the daughter of a school teacher, she’s always been encouraged to learn from cultures around the world. It was that curiosity that inspired her to attend Paris’ prestigious Le Cordon Bleu cooking school where she quickly got her first job as a private chef working on a small boat. Although she keeps her kitchen well-maintained and clean, she has a short fuse in the galley, but it’s that same passion that has also given her a love of the sea.

Footnotes about their salaries


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