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Paperback: 414 pages
Publisher: Bad Apple Books (October 6, 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1733514007
ISBN-13: 978-1733514002

Praise for BETWEEN WILD and RUIN

“What could be a corny premise turns into an exhilarating, fun ride in Edelson’s adept hands. Her characters are smartly drawn, and readers will easily identify with Ruby, a strong yet insecure young artist on the verge of adulthood, who is still recovering from her tragic past . . . Fans of Twilight and modern fairy tales will fall in love with Ruby and root for her eventual romance.” — Blue Ink Review (Starred Review)

“Between Wild and Ruin is a stunning story of legends, romance, and destiny with themes of starting over, small towns, beauty, and community . . . Edelson perfectly breathes new life in mythology by honoring the oral tradition of a small community and the ruins that bring to life Ruby's destiny.” — Manhattan Book Review

“Highly recommended to mature teens through new adult and adult audiences, this is a story that lingers in the mind long after its final revelation.” — Midwest Book Review

“A great addition to young adult urban fantasy.” — Seattle Book Review

“Descriptions of the New Mexico landscape are rich and atmospheric, arousing the senses with references to the scent of smoke and juniper, the predatory roar of mountain lions, and the brilliant dazzle of stars in the desert sky . . . The writing conveys a sense of timelessness, making it easy to believe Ruby’s sense that the land is spirit-haunted and that Leo, the handsome young man she encounters near the ruins, is somehow connected to it all.” — Clarion Forward

“An intriguing historical tale and an over-the-top love-quadrangle romance.” — Kirkus Reviews

“The paranormal aspects of the tale are credible and richly steeped in traditional lore, and the plot is finely crafted . . . Between Wild and Ruin is most highly recommended.” — Reader’s Favorite (5-Star Review)

Truth, like love, isn't always obvious.

Seventeen-year-old Ruby Brooks has never had a boyfriend. After moving to small-town La Luna, New Mexico following her mother’s untimely death, boys aren’t even on her radar. Ruby just wants to forget the last horrible year and blend in. But when she discovers an ancient pueblo ruin in the forest behind her house, and meets Ezra, a bitter recluse whose once-perfect face was destroyed in an accident he won’t talk about; Angel, La Luna’s handsome sheriff’s deputy, and Leo, a stranger who only appears near the ruin, Ruby finds herself teetering between love, mystery, and other worlds. What happened to Ezra’s face? And why is she so attracted to the one boy in town everyone despises? As Ruby unravels her own connections to both Ezra and the pueblo ruin, she’ll learn surfaces are deceiving. Especially in the heart of New Mexico, where spirits and legends aren’t always just campfire stories.


Set against a Northern New Mexico backdrop, Between Wild and Ruin is a young adult coming-of-age story that captures the wild and whimsical pulse of New Mexico through the eyes of teens Ruby Brooks, Angel Ruiz, and Ezra Lucero. The first book in the Wild and Ruin series, Between Wild and Ruin explores the time-tested credo ‘never judge a book by its cover’ through a paranormal lens, weaving Puebloan and Hispanic folklore and Southwest cultural narratives into tightly written, high-concept fiction ‘brimming with mystery, intrigue,’ and as Kirkus Reviews puts it, an “intriguing historical drama and an over-the top quadrangle romance.”

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Between Wild and Ruin is a character-driven story. Jennifer G. Edelson takes you into the life of eighteen-year-old Ruby Brooks. The story mainly focuses on Ruby, a young woman who lost her mother due to suicide. Ruby has been raised by her aunt especially after her mother's suicide. Her and her aunt relocated from Los Angeles to a small town in New Mexico in hopes of a fresh start. Ruby ends up making friends including a young man she is attracted to.  She ends up surprised the legend of New Mexia is more real than she thought. Beauty, legends of New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment are weaved into the story. She found herself instantly the hottest commodity in the tiny, gossip-prone town. Ruby finds herself drawn to some great suitors  and bounded with a small group fo friends. 

The pace of the book was well done. It had a variety of intense moments and surprising twists throughout the book. Jennifer G. Edelson did a great job writing descriptions of characters and locations allowing me to picture it in my brain. All the characters are relatable and genuine, flawed with three dimensions who don't have a fake feeling to them. Ruby is stubborn but also really kind-hearted.  I find myself seeing myself in her. Later 

This story has romance, fantasy, and fairy tales. Edelson did a great job with the paranormal aspect of the story. This is a terrific young adult and regular adults will love this contemporary, romance, paranormal story and so much more.  I found myself not being able to put the book down. This is my first time reading an Edelson book and won't be the last.  Her writing is intriguing and suspenseful.  I kept guessing until the end of the book. 


Photo Credit: Shoshanna Bettencourt

Jennifer G. Edelson is a writer, trained artist, former attorney, pizza lover, and hard-core Bollywood fan. She has a BFA in Sculpture and a J.D. in law and has taught both creative writing and legal research and writing at several fine institutions, including the University of Minnesota. Originally a California native, she currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband, kids, and dog, Hubble after surviving years in the Minnesota tundra. Other than writing, Jennifer loves hiking, traveling, Albert Camus, Dr. Seuss, dark chocolate, coffee, exploring mysterious places, and meeting new people—if you’re human (or otherwise), odds are she’ll probably love you.

Ten reasons to read BETWEEN WILD & RUIN
  1.  Between Wild and Ruin is an epic paranormal love story that critical reviews and readers alike have compared to both Twilight and Beauty and the Beast but say is ‘so much better’ (their words)! 
  2. Between Wild and Ruin is full of strong-willed, smart, interesting, and dynamic female characters you’ll want to gossip with over fries and cherry pie at your own small-town diner.
  3. Likewise when it comes to the book’s gorgeous male protagonists; you’ll REALLY wish you could will them all into reality. Ezra especially will break your heart. 
  4. Magic portals and other worlds!
  5. Between Wild and Ruin is full of lush atmospheric settings; you’ll be dying to explore New Mexico’s mysterious ruins and breathtaking geography afterwards.
  6. Ruby, Ezra, and Angel’s are-they or aren’t-they saga is a love triangle for the ages (RezRangel, anyone?).
  7. Between Wild and Ruin is full of twists; you’ll be up all night, gleefully second-guessing every juicy bit of the story.
  8. Between Wild and Ruin is a YA rarity; the writing incorporates the complex multi-cultural and traditional small-town norms that still strongly exist in parts of New Mexico, into the novel’s plot and story. In that vein, the story is wholly unique in its portrayal of people, history, and cultures that traditional YA tends to leave behind.
  9. Between Wild and Ruin weaves fascinating Pueblo, Latino, Hispanic and Native American History and Folklore into a spell-binding paranormal tale.
  10. Supporting characters, Racine (Ruby’s best friend), Liddy (Ruby’s feisty aunt), and Torrance (Angel’s handsome uncle and Liddy’s love interest) are as relatable and unforgettable as are Ruby, Angel, Leo and Ezra.  


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