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A Killer's Alibi by William L. Myers, JR Fill In the Blanks and Giveaway


For attorney Mick McFarland, the evidence is damning. And so are the family secrets in this twisty legal thriller from the Amazon Charts bestselling author of A Criminal Defense.

When crime lord Jimmy Nunzio is caught, knife in hand, over the body of his daughter's lover and his own archenemy, he turns to Mick McFarland to take up his defense. Usually the courtroom puppeteer, McFarland quickly finds himself at the end of Nunzio's strings. Struggling to find grounds for a not-guilty verdict on behalf of a well-known killer, Mick is hamstrung by Nunzio's refusal to tell him what really happened.

On the other side of the law, Mick's wife, Piper, is working to free Darlene Dowd, a young woman sentenced to life in prison for her sexually abusive father's violent death. But the jury that convicted Darlene heard only part of the truth, and Piper will do anything to reveal the rest and prove Darlene's innocence.

As Mick finds himself in the middle of a mob war, Piper delves deeper into Darlene's past. Both will discover dark secrets that link these fathers and daughters--some that protect, some that destroy, and some that can't stay hidden forever. No matter the risk.  


"William Myers' riveting new novel is not just a crackerjack legal thriller, it is also a wrenching portrayal of a whole range of father-daughter relationships, showing how they can damage, how they nourish, how they go dangerously offtrack. A story not to be missed." ―New York Times bestselling author, William Lashner

I was blown away...A Killer's Alibi in three words: Sharp, Shocking and Intricate. ―Novel Gossip Book Review


William L. Myers, Jr. is the No. 6 best-selling author for Amazon Kindle in 2017 for his debut novel, A Criminal Defense. That was the first in what has become the Philadelphia Legal Series. The third book in that series, A Killers Alibi debuts February 19, 2019.
A Killer’s Alibi has had rave early reviews including New York Times Bestselling author, Bill Lasher—
“William Myers’ riveting new novel is not just a crackerjack legal thriller, it is a wrenching portrayal of a whole range of father-daughter relations, showing how they can damage, how they can nourish, how they go dangerously off track. A story not to be missed.”

Born in 1958 into a blue-collar family, Mr. Myers inherited a work-ethic that propelled him through college and into the Ivy League at The University of Pennsylvania School of Law. From there, Mr. Myers started his legal career in a Philadelphia-based mega defense firm. After ten years of defending corporate America, he realized his heart wasn’t in it. So, with his career on the fast track to success--he gave it all up and started his own firm. It was time to start fighting for the common guy.

That was twenty-five years ago and since then, he has focused on representing railroad employees and other honest, hard-working people who have been injured by others. He has represented thousands of clients in his tenure and has become a highly-regarded litigation attorney up and down the Eastern Seaboard.  


1. I have been writing for 25 years. 
2. The morally ambiguous characters are my favorite thing about the series. 
3.  I have a love and hate relationship with love and hate. 
4.  Know the difference between “good writing” and good story-telling is one piece of advice I'd give to aspiring authors. 
5. I am currently working on “A Criminal Justice”, and it will be released in January 2020. 
6. If this became a movie, I would love to see Chris Pine play Mick McFarland, Jason Beghe play Jimmy Nunzio, January Jones play Piper, and Emma Stone play Darlene Dowd. 
7. Ronald McDonald House is one of my favorite charities. 
8. A Killer's Alibi challenged me by deepening my ability to write layered characters as I wrote it. 
9. My favorite thing about the story is the dance between Jimmy Nunzio and Mick McFarland. 
10. I last binged watched Breaking Bad 
12.  Aruba is my favorite vacation spot. 
12. One thing I can't live without is good books 
13.  If I could go back in history I would go back to June 18, 1815, because I would love to see/experience Napolean’s defeat at Waterlooo
14. I have five pets. Their names are Pharaoh, Phoenix, Rufus, Chloe and Peeka Boo Flash.
15. My favorite books I like to read are War and Peace, Story, Atlas Shrugged and anything by Elmore Leonard. 
16. My favorite foods are Sushi and Pasta. 
17. When I was a little kid I wanted to be a big kid. 
18. I recently saw Avengers, End Game at the movie theatre. 
19. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. 
20. My favorite time of the year –the Fall. 
21. I write my books  anywhere, anytime, anyplace. 
22. If I could pick one of my books to make into a movie I would choose A Criminal Defense. 
23. My favorite restaurant is Nectar.
24. I have two dogs and three cats
25. I have been married for 19 years. 
26. If I could be a animal I would be a wolf.

27. If I could change one thing in our legal system it would be: I never lose. 


TWITTER: @williammyersjr


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Book Review and Book Trailer on A Gateway to Hope by E.C. Jackson


Twenty-one-year-old Neka is a bit of an introvert, she also happens to be stunningly beautiful. When she discovers her friend James is about to be dumped, she sees the perfect opportunity to escape from her quiet life. Can she summon the courage to leave it all behind? James Copley comes from a ruthless family. It's rubbed off. Years ago, he disengaged from his brother's smear campaign, but now his father has offered him an ultimatum, "Get married or lose your seat at the table." Plotting to stamp his design on the family business, he proposes to a woman, even though he doesn't love her. But his carefully laid plans start to unravel when she leaves him on the day she's due to meet his family. Could years of planning his comeback vanish with her departure? A possible solution comes in an unexpected form: Neka. She's not only a friend, but the daughter of his benefactor. And she's right there, offering to support him. But will her support stretch to marriage? He attempts to win her over to his plan but collides with her powerful father who wants to leverage the situation for his own gain. In their fight for survival and love, they are forced to face some uncomfortable truths. Can they overcome thwarted dreams and missed chances to find true love, or does forcing destiny's hand only lead to misery?

My Book Review

You would never have known "Gateway to Hope" is E.C. Jackson's debut novel.  This is a story about two people trying to figure out how to be together without losing themselves. Both of his main characters, Neka and James are well developed and relatable. Their relationship with each other is very organic.  
Neka is shy and awkward making it hard for her to make friends and meet people. She is very religious. 
James moved away from his family to prove them wrong. He was never felt accepted and was belittled by his family. Even with the move he still isn't the man he wants to be. 
In the past, James met Neka at a party and became friends. Will James and Neka take further? 
His writing makes you feel so many emotions. The characters are relatable. If you love romance books with sex pages, as I call it, then you might a little disappointed with it. Sex pages don't always make the reader know how passionate their relationship is. The characters went through some major shifts in their lives. They both move forward with unwavering faith in God. Jackson pays great attention to detail. Every page got better and better.  
Jackson does an amazing job of getting into what makes a great relationship work. A relationship takes compromise, faith, and patience.  Each page tells conveys James and Neka's thoughts and feelings as they go through the process of becoming one is amazing.  All the struggles are real. All the emotions are real. This isn't a preachy Christain book. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to read about a normal romance story. 


E. C. Jackson began her writing career with the full-length play Pajama Party. For three and a half years she published the Confidence in Life newsletter for Alpha Production Ministries, in addition to writing tracts and devotionals. Teaching a women’s Bible study at her church for eleven years naturally led to her current endeavor of writing inspirational romance novels and teen and young adult fiction. Her mission: spiritual maturity in the body of Christ through fiction.


Website: CLICK HERE 
Facebook Author Page: CLICK HERE
Amazon Author Page: CLICK HERE   
Goodreads Author Page: CLICK HERE
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A Gateway to Hope Book Blurb Video

A Gateway to Hope Chapter One Video

Best eBooks Video

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Book Review on Nadia Cavagliere Evans's Children Book Lime Light

Lime Light  By Nadia Cavagliere Evans

Herndon, VA; April 2, 2019: Mascot Books announces the release of Lime Light by Nadia Cavagliere Evans; Illustrated by Chiara Civati
The 5th grade Spring Talent Show is coming up at Squirrel Tail Elementary School. Lennon Lime's friends can rap sweet songs, swallow sharp skewers, and zap colors away, but Lennon can't do any of those cool things. He's just a boring, average kid. What could he possibly do for the 5th grade Spring Talent Show?

Lime Light is a fun, humorous story about facing your fears and learning that everyone has a special talent to offer. With colorful illustrations and a memorable set of characters, Lime Light is sure to help young readers discover their own unique gifts that really make them shine.

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This book really hits home to me. I felt for Lennon Lime because like Lennon I have had many times where I wasn't credited for a job I did.  It hurts. The illustration simple but colorful. The illustration helps the story flow.  Nadia Cavagliere Evans put some big words in there. For example, Flummoxed, Plodded, and intone. I like how she wasn't scared using big words such as these. 

Some cute sentences in the book were the:
 "Ms. Pair was one of those rare species of a teacher (Rara Teacherificus Meraviglia),"
"Peacocks don't speak English, only Esperanto.."
There is a lot of words so I would say this book would be best for 3rd-4th graders. I would recommend adding this to your library of children books.  


Born in the US to immigrant parents, Nadia Evans only spoke Italian for the first four years of her life until she discovered English from watching Sesame Street and Mister Rogers. Reading, books, and libraries make her very happy, as does spending time with her big family. She believes in magic and the power of words.

Check out her website at Click here

About Mascot Books:

 Mascot Books is a full-service, multi-genre, hybrid book publisher and distributor headquartered in Herndon, Virginia. Co-founded in 2003 by Naren Aryal, Mascot has published more than 2,500 books in a variety of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, children's, cookbooks, and coffee table books. Learn more at 

Lime Light is registered with the American Wholesale Book Company, Baker & Taylor, Follett Library Resources, and Ingram, and available online with the following retailers:

                                  Amazon  |     BAM!  |   Barnes and Noble  |  Mascot Books

 To set up an interview, reading, signing, or for information regarding Lime Light, please contact Chris Baker at

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Book Review on Abracadabra Whoopsie by Adam Kargman Illustrated by Tristan Tait

 Mascot Books Publishes Children’s Book 
Abracadabra Whoopsie by Adam Kargman


Herndon, VA; April 2, 2019: Mascot Books announces the release of Abracadabra Whoopsie by Adam Kargman; Illustrated by Tristan Tait

What if you could make your little sister disappear?

When Jordy discovers a magic wand, he learns he can do just that. Whenever he wants some peace and quiet, all he has to do is say “Abracadabra Whoopsie,” and . . . Poof! His little sister Keeka vanishes. When he’s ready for her to come back, he simply says it reversed: “Whoopsie Abracadabra.” Easy as that.

But after the wand is stolen, Jordy must recover it or risk losing his sister forever!


This is a very cute children's book talking about a first child having to deal with the new baby. When it comes to grade level reading I would say 2nd-3rd grade because there are some tricky long words in this book. Tristian Tait did an amazing job with the illustration. Every page had some really fun details. Some of the drawings remind a little of Manga.  This is a great bedtime story. The best part about this book it had a surprise twist I never saw coming.


Adam Kargman

Adam Kargman, an award-winning filmmaker, novelist, and attorney, lives in Encino, California, with his wife and their two children. Abracadabra Whoopsie is his first foray into children’s fiction. The story was inspired by the sibling rivalry he witnessed between his kids, which led him to wonder what would really happen if one sibling’s dream to make the other one vanish came true. His goal was to write a book that was equally fun to children and the adults reading to them. With wacky humor and richly detailed illustrations, Abracadabra Whoopsie is a story that anyone with a sibling can relate to, capped with exciting twists and an ending that may bring a tear to your eye. The book teaches that remembering happy moments is a good corrective to moments of anger or jealousy.
Adam is also the author of the novel Nagle’s Mercy, which was hailed by Kirkus as a "thoroughly enjoyable edge-of-your-seat read" with "nonstop action and palpable psychological tension," and designated a SELF-e Select title by the staff of Library Journal. He has also written and directed several award-winning films.

Tristan Tait
Tristan Tait is an artist based in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to illustrating children’s picture books, he has done art for albums, comic books, magazines, films and video games.
Follow on Facebook: @AbracadabraWhoopsie
To set up an interview, reading, or signing, or for more information about Abracadabra Whoopsie, please contact Chris Baker at

About Mascot Books
Mascot Books, located in Herndon, Virginia was co-founded in 2003 by Naren Aryal. Mascot has published more than 2,500 books in a variety of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, children's, cookbooks, and coffee table books. Learn more at

Abracadabra Whoopsie is registered with the American Wholesale Book Company, Baker & Taylor, Follett Library Resources, and Ingram, and available online with the following retailers:
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