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Sprinkled with Sabotage by Allison Pearl - Book Review and Giveaway


Lizzy Bennet loves life as a lawyer in the city. And not just because of the miles it puts between her and her ex. However, when she’s attacked on the street just hours after learning her identity was stolen, she tries to call home for help and ends up with the last person she expects: the very same high school boyfriend who broke her heart. He says he’s there to help, but she’s not so sure, and now, all the endless questions and regrets are clouding her judgment and preventing her from seeing the dangerous saboteur closing in.

Small-town auto mechanic, Koby Knightly, is looking forward to seeing a car show in the city. But when an unexpected call from his old girlfriend disconnects suddenly, he rushes to her apartment only to find her limping and bleeding. Throwing his plans out the window, Koby makes it his mission to protect her and discover the identity of the person trying to frame her. Will he also be able to figure out what went wrong between them back in high school or will a killer get to her first?

Book:  Sprinkled with Sabotage

Author: Allison Pearl

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense


"Sprinkled with Sabotage" is a fast-paced romantic mystery series. It was easy to follow along even without reading the previous books. Lizzie and Koby have such amazing chemistry. The mystery starts right in chapter one. I am trying to write my review without spoiling anything.  I have read tons of mystery stories and I will have to say Allison Pearl did a great job of making it different and unique. Her characters and story are relatable and believable. Lizzy is working so hard to be named as a partner in her firm. After a crazy event, she accidentally calls her ex-boyfriend, Koby. Things work out in strange ways. Koby is in town for a car show so he was able to rescue her. On every page, we see how they have so much feeling for each other, as well as, anger. We learn about what happened. In the meantime, someone is out to get Lizzy. She gets framed for doing something she didn't. 

Pearl did an amazing job of bringing romance and mystery together. If you want a great escape from the world then I would highly recommend reading this series. I look forward to reading the next book in this series as well as the previous books. 

I have voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views and opinions are completely honest, and my own.


Allison Pearl is a small-town girl who’s lived just about everywhere. She loves books, tea, chocolate, and watching old movies with her husband and black lab, Sal. To keep in touch and get updates on new releases follow her Facebook page ‘Books by Pearl’ at or follow her on Twitter at @AllisonPearl5 and Instagram at @allisonnicolepearl.

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Doughnuts and Suspense: Now’s the Time

In a lot of ways, this pandemic season we are in is encouraging. Quarantined families are spending time together that sports, events, and the demands of normal everyday life wouldn’t otherwise have allowed. Churches are finding new and creative ways to connect with people and share hope. Stories of mind-blowing generosity are popping up on social media all the time. Yes, there’s a lot to be excited about.

But in a lot of other ways, this all sucks. Domestic violence. Drug addiction. Unemployment. Their numbers are all up. And on top of that, hundreds and thousands of people have died from this coronavirus.

We’re all doing our best to hang in there. But you know what, it’s okay to not be okay. And it’s okay to do something for yourself. Do it now. Do it five minutes ago. We’ve all earned it. Don’t stress about the COVID 15 creeping up your bathroom scale. Go get a doughnut. Get two. And then pour yourself a coffee and sit down with a book and escape. Worry about what’s going to happen in a made-up person’s life for a few minutes instead of what new catastrophe is about to drop. Escape into those I-didn’t-see-that-coming moments. Pick up suspense that will beg you to keep turning the pages and spend an evening in a comfy chair reading chapters instead of headlines. God can handle the news. You handle you.

Above all, I want Sprinkled with Sabotage and the whole Love and Danger in St. Claire series to give you a break and the comfort that faith brings. Enjoy!


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