Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Time!

It has been a year now since I started this blog. I wanted to thank you all for reading and emailing me with questions. It means a lot when I hear from you. It brightens my day when I recieve an email saying that they enjoy and learn a lot. Always feel free to email with any questions or worries.

School time is here again. If you have a newbie or experienced celiac child and trying to figure out what to make for his or her lunches. Here are some ideas that will keep lunch making easy.


Corn tortillas, with lettuce, tomatoes,mayo or salad dressing and Oscar Meyer meat.

Rice cakes makes a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Two plain rice cakes, put Jiffy peanut butter and Smuckers jelly in the middle. They maybe hard, but they taste great. You can even get apple Cinnamon rice cakes, which are good. Quacker ones are gluten free, but don't get the multi grain ones because they contain oats, which those oats are not gluten free.
You can use the rice cakes to make meat sandwiches too.

Oscar Meyers lunchables or any others are off limits, but you can create your own.
Glutino Crackers are the best. To make it more like the real thing, purchase a thinker meat. Get a small cookie circle cutter or shapes. Try to find a cookie cutter that is the size of the GF cracker. You can also use the cookie cutter to cut out the cheese.
For a side you can put applesauce.
For dessert you can put a fun size Hershey, Reeses.

A pizza lunchable- you can cut corn tortillas into a smaller circle. Or Gluten Free pizza crust mix or cut Kinninnick's frozen pizza crust.
Put canned tomato sauce and cheese on the side.

Hot dog type lunchables- you can use corn tortillas,Kinninnick's frozen pizza crust to wrap the hot dog. Cut it in a small circle.
Oscar Meyer hot dogs, cut them into half.

With any of these lunchables that I mentioned, you can find a container that has one big space and then three side spaces. This makes it feel like your child will have a real lunchable.

Making lunchables with your child is a great way to spend time with them.

If your child would like hot lunch, I would suggest telling the school early. I would bring information about celiac. You can go to sites like celiaccentral.org. Make sure they know about the contamination issue.

If you are a college student for lunches you can:

Chicken Salad- Mix celery, mayo or salad dressing, canned chicken, and use Glutino Crackers to dip. I puts cantaloupe in it.
Tuna Salad- can be done the same way like the chicken salad.

With any type of sandwiches you can use corn tortillas, make your own bread, find a bakery that bakes gluten free in a clean contamination free environment.

If you are in the Grand Rapids I would recommend Bread Stone Bakery.

Hope this helps.

Feel free to email me with any questions

Keep watch for the 2009 Halloween candy list which will be posted soon.

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