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Become a Hero by Buying a Mask ENDFIP

Oliver Jakie Punkin Norton November 2019 I lost my baby Oliver from FIP. We need to find a cure. There aren't any treatments out there to get rid of FIP. I thought I would get over 15 years with my Oliver, but FIP took him away from me a lot sooner. He passed on to God at the age of 5 months.  He tried fighting it but he just couldn't win. I think about him every day wishing I would wake up and see him back to cuddling on my pillow next to me.  We need to find a cure or at least a treatment to make them have a longer quality of life with FIP. I know everyone is struggling during this time, but know if you donate money to ENDFIP Luca Fund for FIP research you will not only get a mask to protect yourself but you will also be saving animals' lives. Be a frontline hero for our pets and donate.     Here is information on how to help out:  HELP SLOW THE SPREAD OF COVID-19 BY SUPPORTING FIP RESEARCH Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is a devastating

Standoff by Patricia Bradley Book Review

ABOUT THE BOOK The Natchez Trace National Parkway stretches 444 miles from Nashville to Natchez, the oldest town on the Mississippi River. It's the perfect road for a relaxed pleasure drive. Unfortunately for park ranger Luke Fereday, lately it's being used to move drugs. Sent to Natchez to infiltrate the organization at the center of the drug ring, Luke arrives too late to a stakeout and discovers the body of his friend, park ranger John Danvers. John's daughter Brooke is determined to investigate her father's murder, but things are more complicated than they first appear, and Brooke soon finds herself the target of a killer who will do anything to silence her. Luke will have his hands full keeping her safe. But who's going to keep him safe when he realizes he's falling--hard--for the daughter of the man he failed to save? BOOK REVIEW "Standoff" is book number one in Patricia Bradley's new series called Natchez Trace Park Rangers. Stando

Find A Wonderful Hand Sanitizer!!

I have been using so much hand sanitizer, but it is killing my skin until I ran into Epoch Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer. It has lavender which has been used way back. According to the packaging, it says it "kills 99.99% of the most common germs and bacteria." The formulas are nondrying and don't damage nail polish.  All I can say is this is one of the better hand sanitizers I have used in the path couple of months. Click here to order.  It is a 5 pack for $16.25 

COVID 19 Hit Our Family

COVID-19 has hit us. It didn't hit us health-wise, at least at this moment when I am writing this, but job-wise. My dad got laid off on Friday, April 24. This is not good. Why? because my mom doesn't work because she takes care of me. She is my caregiver.  We cannot live off my part-time job of $15 an hour 20 hours a week. There is no way.  Supposedly he is on temporary lay off from his work isn't kind.  They only think about themselves. They could have asked for him to go on a different shift. He has worked for the company for 37 years. He knows how to run 98% of the machines in the factory.  To top it off they aren't paying for their insurance now, so on April 24, they don't have health insurance now.  This scares me so much. How is this stay at home lockdown really helping people? People are losing their homes, health insurance, food, suicide, mental health, PTSD and the list goes on? How is this saving lives? My mom passed out in the middle of the night an