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My 9/11 Memories and Thoughts

I wasn't sure if I wanted to post this or not but I decided to share my experience.   pictures are by Robert Clark  I was 15 years old when 9/11 happened. My mom and I just got back from Disney World. We were even thinking about staying another night. Thank God we didn't because we would have been stuck down there. Even though we would have been stuck in the magical place everything was closed down so we would have been stuck in Disney's Pop Resort with no fun and full of worries.  Friday, Sept 11, I was watching Good Morning America while eating my breakfast. I was getting ready to start working on my schoolwork. (I was homeschooled at this point in my life). Diana Sawyer and Charlie Gibson. They thought it was just an accident. At 8:46 am an airplane hit the North Trade Center building.  At 9:00 am Regis and Kelly started their show when all of a sudden their cameras shook. You could see the fear in both Regis and Kelly's eyes. They didn't know what happened. The