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Meijers Gluten Free Taste Testing

Reading about the Meijers GF taste testing, I thought it would have lots of samples. Come to find out it wasn't much. I went to the Cascade Meijers and there was only one table with samples. It was Pamala's cookies, some type of pizza and the Glutino's pretzels. I went around 1:30pm and was surprise that they didn't have that much to sample. There was more regular samples then that. The best place to samples Gluten Free items is Forest Hills Food, when they have Gluten Free Day. Meijers has alot to catch up compared to Forest Hills Food. At least Meijers was thinking about us gluten free people. Thank You Meijers!!

The Gluten Free Food Fair 2009

The Gluten Free Fair was a blast, like always. I talk to some of you who went to the event. Most of you said that you liked Breadstone Stone Bakery the best. I have tried many different types of bread and I too agree with all of you at the Fair, that Breadstone Bakery is the best. There breads are so soft and tasty. Usually all the Gluten Free breads are dry and heavy, but their breads and cinnimon rolls are to dye for. Try their breads you wont regret it.Once you try it you won't want to buy any other breads. You can buy their breads at Forest Hills Foods Grand Rapids Michigan, Harvest Health on Cascade Grand Rapids Michigan,We will be delivering frozen products through Panecea in Rockford, as well. This year there was two room, which helped keep the flow of people smooth. People didn't have to wait forever to move table to table. There was many resturants that had their menus out labeling what is Gluten Free. There was tons of Gluten Free items and samples to try. Ever