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Red Sparrow Quck Movie Review

Trailers sure can make movies look good.  For me, this is what happened with Red Sparrow .  Jennifer Lawerance plays a Russian Ballerina who gets injured and is forced into being a Russian spy by her uncle, so she can help pay for her sick mother. While on her mission she runs into an American spy who changes her mind into helping the American catch the Russian mole. This movie takes you on the journey of deciding whom can you trust and whom can you not trust. It is a movie with twists and turns.  I am very surprised this movie was not rated NC-17 for the severity of the nudity, sex, and rape in this film. Red Sparrow is filled with lots of uncomfortable sex scenes.  Not only do you see Jennifer Lawerance's breasts and butt you will also see many men's penises as well. There is a lot of violence including some pretty graphic rape and sex scenes. I am all for movies that have sex and violence in them as long as it has a purpose.  Yes, the sex and violence in this film have

Chronic Ear Infections

May of 2017 I had a really bad ear infection. I have had sinus infections all the time, but never ear problems. After a variety of antiobotics and ear drops it seemed to go away. Two months later I got another one. My ENT doctor put me back on some more antiobotics and ear drops. It went away again after a month of fighting it again. Then in August it came back again. This time it caused a couple of holes in my ear drum. My ENT said I need surgery. He told me he is going to repair the ear drum and put in a tube. I had to wait 2 1/2 weeks for surgery.  In the meantime he stuck some purple stuff in my ear. This caused my ear to be completely plugged.  Four days before my surgery I got into some gluten causing me to vomit. I was stupid and desided to do a paid taste testing thinking I could get away with it. I was completely wrong. The $30 I made was not worth it. Everytime I throw up it made me get really dizzy. The dizziness caused me to vomit some more. I ended up going to ER becau

Seeing Theatre Shows With Gastroparesis

Last week Friday, I went to see a play my friend was acting in.  A good friend of mine came with his mother because I had two free tickets.  My stomach wasn't doing very good that whole day. Before leaving I had some of my favorite Progresso Soup (Rice Roasted Chicken Wild Rice). That was a huge mistake. I got to our seats. These seats are you typically theatre seats they are just basic chairs. It sort of like a black box theatre. The building only contains one exit out of the theatre. The worse part is the restroom is downstairs where the actors dressing rooms are. The show got started and my stomach started really getting worse. I was seated clear across the exit. The only way to exit is to walk on the stage area. On top of it, I was seated dead center and would have to climb over a bunch of people. It felt trap and my anxiety shot up. Finally, intermissio n came.  I hated leaving and not congratulating my friend as well as leaving my friend and his mom. But when you have to

Thoughts on Movie Pass

Movies today cost close to a Broadway show or even a concert depending on the seat. On Thanksgiving, we decided to see a movie before 5:00pm because we thought the tickets would be $7.50, but we were wrong. It costs $9.50.  Tickets after 5:00pm costs around $11.00. A friend of mine told me about MoviePass. For only $10.00 a month you can see one movie a day.  The only thing you can't do with it is see the same movie more than once. You also can not see 3D or IMAX with it. It sounded too good to be true, Right? Well, my mom and I decided to try it. It took about 2 1/2 weeks to get our debit cards. It is very easy to use. Step 1: Order the Card online (They don't charge you until you use it for the first time) Step 2: Wait for the card to come in the mail. Step 3: Once you have the card in your hands download the app on your phone. Step 4: Go to the movie theatre ( You have to be in the movie theatre for the money to go on the debit card.) Step 4: Pick the Movie you w

Understanding Color by Bryan F. Peterson Book Review

As you all know I am a filmmaker and photographer.  I love learning about different ways to take pictures. ways on the lookout for books that give me ideas and teach me new ways to take pictures. Bryan F. Peterson's Understanding Color explores the use of colors. He discusses how the color wheel works and how to figure out what colors work best with each other. His book contains a variety of images of commercial and art photography. Understanding Color  goes into detail on how to get the right exposure. There is information on ISO and other tools on making your photography stand out. This book is easy to follow.  Great book if you are doing professional photography or just a hobby.  The only con on this book is he tends to take more pictures with Nikon. If you are new to photography I would suggest getting Peterson's book Understanding Exposure.                                               "I received this book from  Blogging   for   Books   for