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Helpful Comparing U.S. College Allergy Chart

I ran into this chart and thought it might be helpful to those who are entering or returning to a college.

Its College Time- Know Your Food Allergy Rights

                        I myself is a college student. A few years ago, I had an issue with the school. I was paying for a meal plan, but they never would make me anything that I felt safe to eat. After my mom and I talked to my advisor and the college nurse they told me all they can do is cook me up plain meats and vegetables, but they are going to say they are 100% gluten-free because they can't use a different pan and cooking enviroment. I never know  there was laws to help out and inforce.  I ran into this article by  Patrick Bennett . I thought I should pass this on to you. The rights for people with food allergies and celiac disease in college have come a long way. There are two main legal documents which apply, and a recent Department of Justice complaint which resulted in a settlement all but confirms that severe food allergies constitute a disability under U.S. law. REHABILITATION ACT, 1973

Girl Scout Might Offer Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookie

MIGHT OFFER A CHOCOLATE CHIP SHORTBREAD COOKIE I am looking forward to trying the new Gluten-Free Girl Scout Chocolate Chip Shortbread cookie. This cookie is made with real chocolate chips and real butter. The Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Shortbread is premiering in a number of test markets this year, so keep your figures cross they will actually make and sell them.  Please email the Girl Scouts expressing how important it is to offer a Gluten Free Cookie.  

National Foundation for Celiac Awareness- College Dorm GF Care Package

GLUTEN-FREE CARE PACKAGE GIVEAWAY Start off the school year on the right foot!  Enter to win a care package full of dorm-room friendly goodies perfect for the gluten-free student.  We'll announce the winner at the end of August!

Tornado Hit My House

On July 6, 2014 at 10:30pm my house in Kentwood MI got hit hard. Here is what happened. 9:45pm some thunder and lightening in the distance. 10:15pm still some thunder and lightening in the distance. Watching Wzzm13, our local news station, only to see a Flash Flood watch was on the screen. 10:28pm down pour of rain. Then a couple of branches hit the roof. We have a lot of trees in my neighborhood and do on the occasion have branches fall on our house.   The next second a down pour of rain. The rain was hitting the house really hard. Then "boom" "boom" "boom" and many more "booms". My house was shaking. Then we heard aloud "bang" hit the back of my house by our bathroom. My mom and I was in our living room together when it hit. While everything was falling on our house we couldn't figure out what the hell was going on. We live near an airport. So did a airplane crash? Was it an earthquake? We kept looking at the TV and still