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GFF (Good Food Forever) Gluten-Free Magazine

GFF  (Good Food Forever)Gluten-Free MAGAZINE I thought the only Gluten-Free magazines were Living Without Magazine ,  Gluten-Free Living,  and  Delight Gluten-Free Magazine, but then I came across GFF Magazine when looking for a Gluten-Free recipe. GFF is a quarterly magazine for food lovers. There information on their site (        GFF celebrates uncompromisingly Good Food (Forever), drinks, and destinations, and the joy of creating and sharing them with others. And, oh yes: it's Gluten-Free (Forever), too, although you'll never taste the difference.         Each issue features recipes from top chefs, cookbook authors, and bloggers; tutorials for mastering gluten-free cooking; trends, products, people, and places worth knowing about; deliciously indulgent travel; lifestyle extras that will elevate your everyday; and a whole lot of fun. I got myself a copy and have decided this magazine is now my favorite Gluten-Free magazine

Pizza Time!

I love pizza. A lot of restaurants and fast food pizza places are now caring a Gluten Free pizza. It is very exciting to see so many restaurants and pizza places serving Gluten Free pizza.   These types of pizza restaurants have a huge risk of being contaminated. The restaurants pushes people with Celiac Disease or severe gluten sensitivity should not order a pizza. I know that just a size of a tiny head of pin can cause a lot of damage, but I am not too scared. To me I look at it no different then my kitchen. My family isn’t gluten free so my kitchen and condiments runs into the risk of contamination.   It is up to you if you want to risk it or not.                           I have had two Georgio’s Gluten Free Gourmet Pizza now and have had no problems.   Keep in mind everyone is different. Just because I didn’t get any symptoms doesn’t mean you will. Georgio’s Gluten Free Pizza is so good. I would give it 5 stars out of 5. Webs