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Become a Hero by Buying a Mask ENDFIP

Oliver Jakie Punkin Norton
November 2019 I lost my baby Oliver from FIP. We need to find a cure. There aren't any treatments out there to get rid of FIP. I thought I would get over 15 years with my Oliver, but FIP took him away from me a lot sooner. He passed on to God at the age of 5 months.  He tried fighting it but he just couldn't win. I think about him every day wishing I would wake up and see him back to cuddling on my pillow next to me.  We need to find a cure or at least a treatment to make them have a longer quality of life with FIP. I know everyone is struggling during this time, but know if you donate money to ENDFIP Luca Fund for FIP research you will not only get a mask to protect yourself but you will also be saving animals' lives. Be a frontline hero for our pets and donate.  

 Here is information on how to help out: 


Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is a devastating viral disease of cats that occurs worldwide and can affect many systems of the body. It is a progressive disease and almost always fatal. FIP occurs when the cat reacts inappropriately to feline coronavirus (FCoV) infection.

ENDFIP® GET-ONE-GIVE-ONE face mask campaign started this week!

This is unchartered territory for us all. We are worried about our health, our families, our pets, and our world. But in stormy skies, there are silver linings. Be a voice for those who can’t speak by supporting ethical, cruelty-free FIP research. Be a source of hope for those who believe very few cares about them. Be a source of light amid the darkness surrounding these two coronavirus related diseases.

Through the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, anyone donating at least $25 to the Luca Fund for FIP Research will be qualified to receive a protective face mask. In addition, EndFIP® will donate a face mask to a person in need in South Africa for every mask given away to supporters.

JOIN the “get-one-give-one” movement. DONATE $25 or more at: and send an email to: to co-ordinate the shipping of your mask.

The masks are manufactured in California as per CDC released guidelines. Available in three sizes (Adult 6x9” | Child 5x7.5” | Toddler 4x6.5”) and are a machine washable covering that fits snugly with multiple layers of protection.
Please consider giving and/or sharing with your friends and family! |
EndFIP® is dedicated to keeping cats healthy and happy.

Paws down! Together we can EndFIP®

The Luca Fund for FIP Research is part of the global vision of the EndFIP® project. Your donation to the Luca Fund will be applied to studies conducted at the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine. The Luca Fund for FIP research is a special fund of the American Alumni of the University of Glasgow established in 2018 to accept tax-deductible donations for Feline Infectious Peritonitis research. AAGU has been recognized by the IRS as a section 501(c) (3) charitable organization. All donations to AAGU are deductible as charitable contributions to the full extent permitted by law.
Your donation is both needed and appreciated. The Luca Fund for FIP Research is committed to exclusively support research that does not use laboratory cats and does not conduct experimental infection of healthy cats with a deadly virus. 

DONATE at: | 

Monday, May 25, 2020

Standoff by Patricia Bradley Book Review


The Natchez Trace National Parkway stretches 444 miles from Nashville to Natchez, the oldest town on the Mississippi River. It's the perfect road for a relaxed pleasure drive. Unfortunately for park ranger Luke Fereday, lately it's being used to move drugs. Sent to Natchez to infiltrate the organization at the center of the drug ring, Luke arrives too late to a stakeout and discovers the body of his friend, park ranger John Danvers.
John's daughter Brooke is determined to investigate her father's murder, but things are more complicated than they first appear, and Brooke soon finds herself the target of a killer who will do anything to silence her. Luke will have his hands full keeping her safe. But who's going to keep him safe when he realizes he's falling--hard--for the daughter of the man he failed to save?


"Standoff" is book number one in Patricia Bradley's new series called Natchez Trace Park Rangers. Standoff follows Brooke Danvers, who long-awaited transfer to law enforcement park ranger. She finally following her father's footsteps. Her father, John is not only her father but also soon to be her boss. She finds her father dead. They told her it was suicide but she knows her father wouldn't do something like that neither does Brooke's neighbor, Luke Fereday, who lives next door to her father's home. Luke is undercover for a drug case and promised Brooke he will help her figure out who did it. 
The story takes place in Natchez, Mississippi. "Standoff" contains many characters making it hard to keep everyone straight. Bradley did a great job of keeping you on your toes. Its complex plot and has you consistently guessing who the villain(s) is. 
There is some romance in the story but isn't the main focus. Brooke is strong, brave, kind, independent, and smart.  She is a character you fall in love with. 
"Standoff" has many genres in it. Everything from thriller, mystery, suspense, and is packed with action. There is minimal faith preaching. This book is a page-turner.  I couldn't put it down. I ended up reading it in one sitting because I had to find out what happened.  I can't wait for the next books in this series to come out. 

I received a complimentary copy from Revell for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. These are my honest opinions.


Honoring God through my writing is a top priority for this Mississippi Writer.
 I am a Romantic Suspense writer living in the Deep South. My first published works were short-stories published in Woman’s World. And now I’m the proud author of nine novels and two novellas. I am also proud to be represented by Julie Gwinn of the Seymour Agency.
The Logan Point Series is my first series and was published by Revell, a division of Baker Books. It is set in Memphis and the surrounding area. Click here to find out more about the Logan Point Series.  
I’m in the middle of the fourth book in my Memphis Cold Case novels. You can learn more about that series here.
I’ve also done the unthinkable–written a straight romance–who would’ve thought it’d be such fun? You can read more about it here.
I’m also an abstinence/healthy relationship speaker and have spoken to many students…and adults. I would love to have the opportunity to speak to your group. If you are would like to invite me to speak, feel free to contact me here.
When I’m not writing or speaking, I throw mud on a wheel and try to make something beautiful.
Check out her Website: Click Here

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Find A Wonderful Hand Sanitizer!!

I have been using so much hand sanitizer, but it is killing my skin until I ran into Epoch Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer. It has lavender which has been used way back. According to the packaging, it says it "kills 99.99% of the most common germs and bacteria." The formulas are nondrying and don't damage nail polish. 

All I can say is this is one of the better hand sanitizers I have used in the path couple of months. Click here to order. 
It is a 5 pack for $16.25 

Monday, May 4, 2020

COVID 19 Hit Our Family

COVID-19 has hit us. It didn't hit us health-wise, at least at this moment when I am writing this, but job-wise. My dad got laid off on Friday, April 24. This is not good. Why? because my mom doesn't work because she takes care of me. She is my caregiver.  We cannot live off my part-time job of $15 an hour 20 hours a week. There is no way.  Supposedly he is on temporary lay off from his work isn't kind.  They only think about themselves. They could have asked for him to go on a different shift. He has worked for the company for 37 years. He knows how to run 98% of the machines in the factory.  To top it off they aren't paying for their insurance now, so on April 24, they don't have health insurance now.  This scares me so much. How is this stay at home lockdown really helping people? People are losing their homes, health insurance, food, suicide, mental health, PTSD and the list goes on? How is this saving lives?
My mom passed out in the middle of the night and when I got up to go to the bathroom I found my mom laying in a puddle of blood. She passed out and landed on her face. As the hospital was giving her warfarin the bruising in her face got ten times worse.  This scared me and I will never get the image of my mom laying in a pile of her blood on the floor. 

My parents need health insurance because three years ago, I almost lost my mom due to blood clots. She had three large blood clots in each of her lungs and a few small ones in her legs. She is now on warfarin and blood pressure medication and is required to get blood work done twice a month. 
Without insurance, this will be difficult especially since we don't have any money coming it. 
Mom (2017) Hospital 

 I am unable to work full-time because of all my health conditions, so my parents have been helping me pay for my health insurance. It costs around $380 a month and then there are copays.  I picked up one of my prescriptions yesterday and it cost me $205. MIHealth (Medicaid) doesn't want to pay for it because of it being a pain patch so it just goes through Blue Cross.  Typically by Septermeper, it is free because we got the minium done. Medical insurance is so annoying and frustrating.  I wish they would just make everything a realistic price so we wouldn't need health insurance. Come on $75 for 2 Tylenol in the hospital.  

Anyways, life is challenging. I try my best to take one day at a time. I am so lucky to have amazing parents. I just wish I could support them. When I was a teenager my goal was to get a really good paying job so I can pay it forward to them. I wanted my dad to retire at 62 and not have to worry about money because I would help them out, but that isn't happening. Well, it is and it isn't. I am paying for my insurance and a couple of bills. I wish I could have a money tree. 

Monday, April 20, 2020

Shopping During COVID Quarantine

It was time to leave my home and get our essential goods. My mom was thinking about doing instacart for Costco, but the items on it seemed a lot more expensive than in the store.  Our plan was to drive by and see how long the line is. If the line was really long or not moving very fast we will order our stuff through instacart.  We have made a couple of Costco trips. We went there the beginning of quarantine and again in the middle of this pandemic without having to stand in line to go in. I felt like there were more people closer together while waiting in the line to go in than just letting everyone in.  It didn't take to long to get in. We waited around 10 minutes. Thank God it was a nice sunny day.
I was surprised I was able to go in with my mom. According to the internet, most Costco is only allowing one person per membership card.  I am glad they let me go in with my mom because this allowed up to get in and out a lot faster especially since people are waiting outside to get in.  My mom took one half of Costco and I took the other.

Instacart Costco cost vs. In-Store Costco Cost:

In-Store Cart:
- Hummus
- Butter
- Paper Towel
- Toilet Paper
- Gluten-Free Bread (Bought 2)
- Kirkland Chocolate Milk (Bought 2)
- Sugar
- Gluten-Free Flour (Bought 2)
- Sour Cream
- Laundry Soap
- Dish Soap
- Tylenol PM
- Chocolate Chips (Bought Two)
- Chips
In-Store Cost Total: $170.00

- Hummus
- Paper Towel
- Gluten-Free Bread (Buying only 1)
- Chocolate Chips (Buying Only 1)
- Gluten-Free Flour (Buying Only 1)
- Chocolate Milk (Buying only 1)
- Tylenol PM
- Chips
- Butter
Instacart Price: $150.00

As you can see it is a lot cheaper to go into Costco than ordering it on InstaCart.

After we were done with Costco we went over to Daily Deal to pick up cheaper items.

I bought:
Turkey Sandwich Meat
Tomato Soup (Two)
Broccoli Rice
French Fries
Candy Bars (4 of them)
Cookies (2 boxes)

Daily Deal Cost: $30.00

It is really hard to save money on groceries right now because it is so hard finding things so when you see something you need to grab one because you don't know when they will get it in again. If you notice there isn't many sales going on with groceries.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

El Gringo by Edmond Salvus Spotlight


Sonny Galas is an only child being raised by his mother-a widow---and the loving help of his grandfather, also widowed. Living in a Santa Monica apartment complex owned by 'Grandpa' all is well and average for this close-knit family until a certain French family come into the picture, in need of a place to rent. They soon show their colors in various ways, topping it off by slapping a suit on their patient, kind landlord. Sonny's family sees no better option than selling their only asset-the apartments-and getting far away from their Lawyer-packing tenants. Far, as in 'leaving the country', and this is where their true adventure begins. South of the border becomes their new home. 

From their journey through third-world narrow roads, small towns where no English is spoken, to long, hot unending desert roads and through humid coastal towns they continue toward their big-city destination, Guadalajara, where their life begins and they encounter everything and everyone from kind helpers to con-artists and crazies and from strangers to good friends, both Mexican and American. From young boy to teenager, as the years' pass, Sonny sees it all: his family's ups and downs, the country's ups and downs with its own political third-world corruption, and his own transformation from a simple boy in a new country to a growing youth, fully fluent in Spanish; a devilish yet fun-loving teenager now with roots firmly planted and sprouting happily in his new home, his new country. From the adventures and joys of boyhood with his friends and pals to the wild days through grade school, junior high and high school with the opportunities given him as a bi-lingual kid to living through the setbacks that could trouble any family-Mexican or American-even scare of the faint of heart, he takes it all in; after all, now he's Mexican. The fiestas, the friends, the awesome busy modern streets of Guadalajara in the early Seventies to the early Eighties, Guadalajara, the country's capital of Mariachis.

Date Published: January 2018

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Purchase at:


RABT Book Tours & PR

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Do I Have COVID 19? Am I dying?

Sunday night, I had a pretty good headache but thought nothing of it. Usually every year in Spring I get many headaches due to the weather changing. So I didn't think anything of it.

Monday, I woke up with my stomach not being nice to me. I couldn't stop running to the bathroom. TMI Warning!! I didn't have diarrhea, but I kept going and going. I was going at least 5 times every hour and it was a lot of stool every time I went.  I also had bone pain which was really bad. My back pain increased. I checked my temperature because I was having chills but was also sweating too. According to my Thermador, my fever ranged from 99 to 101. Crap. Is this COVID 19? or is this just my stomach with colitis or diverticulosis flare? I tried to get comfy in my recliner but had a hard time getting comfortable so I went to bed until my back was screaming to get up and go back to the recliner. I did this all day and night on top of running to the bathroom.  My circulation to my feet was horrid because my feet were ice cold and extremely painful. The nausea was horrid. 
I was so excited when it was finally time to take my Ambien. I prayed I would wake up feeling better. Please God!!

Tuesday morning, I rolled over in bed thinking to myself "Am I feeling better?". NOPE. I started running to the bathroom again and again. Not again. Oh LORD PLEASE HELP!! How much more do I have left in my system because the last time I drank and ate anything was Sunday at 11:30pm.  The body ache was still horrid. My temperature went from 99-101. I was trying to stay calm and not freak out. My heart rate was really high. I was soooo weak. I was having a tiny hard time breathing but I think it was more because of my stomach spasming and being very weak.  I couldn't stop sneezing. My back and circulation weren't any better. The sad part was I knew what would get me back on my feet. This would be going to urgent care/ER to get IV Fluid with Phenergan, Ativan, and Morphine, but with the COVID problem it wouldn't be a good idea to go so instead I called my primary care doctor. 

They told me I have to go to a special medical office aka "sick" building. The nurse didn't think I had COVID but because of my fever they didn't want to bring me into their office with healthy people. Healthy people are checkups, broken bones, cuts, etc.

I was terrified of going to the "sick" clinic, but because I am only 92 pounds with heart problems so I didn't want to get so dehydrated it would cause a heart attack or a stroke. My appointment was at 2:50pm. When I get to the clinic I have to call the number to let them know I am there.

My mom took me. We got in the parking lot and I called the number. I talked to the triage nurse on the phone. We went through questions and medications. Then the nurse transferred me to the doctor. I talked to the doctor on the phone. He asked me my symptoms and when did this start. Once we were done he told me he is sending the nurse out to get me.

The nurse approached my car and asked to see my ID to make sure they have the right person. He then handed me a mask and told me not to touch anything. Another nurse opens the door to the clinic and was taken to the room.
Usually, the nurses take your blood pressure and temperature, but this time they didn't. The doctor came in wearing all he PPE outfit. He took my blood pressure, temperature, and oxygen. He thinks I have a bacteria infection in my small intestine and colon. He also thinks I have a bladder infection because I told him it has been starting to burn some when I pee. He is pretty sure it isn't COIVD 19.  If I don't feel better in 7 days he would suggest getting tested for COVID 19. I asked him if they have any tests. He said they have plenty now. I wouldn't have to worry because of all my disabilities I would be the first one to get a test. He would have sent me to the ER to get fluid because my heart rate was 150 and my blood pressure was high, but because I have so many serious autoimmune conditions I would be most likely to catch COVID 19 in the hospital, so he told me to hold out as much as I can. He put me on Augmentin and a liquid Phenergan to help my nausea go down so I can drink better.  He also told me if I still can't get water down then I should go to urgent care.

After the doctor left the nurse came in handed me the paperwork and told me not to touch anything while I walk out to my car. The other nurse opens the door to go outside. The appointment from start to finish was around an hour.

There were only 2 patients in the building at a time.

I can't thank these healthcare workers enough as well as people who are working at grocery stores, truckers and anyone else in the frontline. We can't do it without them.

Please stay home. If everyone stays home we can get back to normal a lot faster.  It drives me nuts when I find some of my friends who aren't staying home. They are going to different friends' houses to hang out.  I understand you don't have school or unemployed or laid off at this time, but this doesn't mean it is a vacation. This is not a time to be social unless its social media sites.  Again stay home and only go out for groceries. Don't go out for gardening, paint, clothing, toys, etc. only groceries.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter at home with the people you are quarantine with. If you are alone connect with a church who is using zoom communication or Facebook video.

Here in Kent County Michigan, there are 250 cases and 13 deaths.

Michigan has a total of 22,783 cases and a total of 1,281 deaths.

Love in Pictures by Alexis A. Goring Book Review and Giveway


Wedding photographer Michelle Hadley has a passion for diversity and believes that love comes in all colors. So, she’s working hard to convince editors to feature her clients’ images on the covers of the mainstream bridal and wedding magazines.
Despite having a career that focuses on celebrating forever love, Michelle has never actually been in a romantic relationship, and she’s not looking for love, until she meets the one man she cannot forget.
Since his fiancĂ©e broke his heart, Logan Emerson’s focus has been on his career. He’s won awards for his work as a print journalist and dreams of greater success on television as a broadcast journalist. But his personal struggle presents many challenges that might prevent his dreams from coming true.
Michelle doesn’t date often, and since his heartbreak, Logan has shied away from the dating scene. But something about Michelle awakens Logan’s desire to love again.
Book:  Love in Pictures   Author: Alexis A. Goring
Genre:  Contemporary Romance  Release Date: June 12, 2018

I am a huge fan of romance and the cover of this book drew me into wanting to read it even more. This is my first book by Alexis A. Goring. We are taken into the lives of Michelle and Logan.  Michelle Hadley a beautiful photographer who dreams of having a beautiful wedding of her own when a handsome man named Logan Emerson runs into her.  The story is about their developing relationship with each other. 
We see their family tension, prejudices of race and how they dealt with it. There are many sensitive issues throughout the book. Alexis A. Goring does a great job of putting faith elements throughout the story. One of the strongest topics in the book is racial discrimination and how they dealt with it. There are many twists and turns to keep you in the story.  There is a healthy dose of humor throughout the book. Topics discussed in the book include misunderstanding, friendship, loyalty, faith, love, and self-esteem. Goring did a wonderful job of creating realistic situations. Even though it has faith messages throughout the book it isn't preachy. 

I highly recommend "Love in Pictures." It was a tender story. I could see this made into a Hallmark movie. 

I received this book from Celebrit Lit book review. The opinions expressed in my review are my own honest thoughts and reaction to this book. 

Alexis A. Goring is a writer at heart and journalist by profession.
She loves the storytelling process, including everything from interviewing people for news media and faith-based publications to writing the story, editing the story and publishing the story.
Alexis is an author of Inspirational Romance fiction stories and nonfiction devotionals that inspire the heart. She has written and published three fiction books and her devotionals have appeared in numerous faith-based publications.
Always up for a new adventure, Alexis has traveled to Italy where she explored the culture, food and language with friends. She even moved to Montana (where the air is fresh and the land is beautiful) to take her first big break in Journalism as the Editor and Reporter for a county newspaper!
Photography is another passion that’s close to her heart. Alexis enjoys using her camera to capture the genuine emotions that people naturally display on joyous occasions. She is experienced in natural light photography and photojournalism.
Music is another passion that Alexis has loved forever. Listening to movie soundtracks from her favorite productions feels like a hug for her heart. She loves it when the bridge of a song makes you feel like you’re taking flight!
A total foodie, Alexis not only enjoys eating delicious food at her favorite restaurants, but she’s also a talented baker and chef.
At the end of the day, Alexis hopes that her love for Jesus Christ will shine through all of her creative endeavors. She prays that her writing will warm hearts and point people to God who loves them with all of His Heart!
You can learn more about Alexis as a creative professional by visiting her official website,
Her Wordpress Blog:
Twitter: @ByGoring

More from Alexis

My book, Love in Pictures, was born out of my love for wedding photography!
A dream of my heart as an adult (not before then) was to be a wedding photographer. I’d always enjoyed taking pictures but it wasn’t until my college years when friends started telling me, based on my pictures, that they’re going to hire me to be their wedding photographer when they get married. These requests sparked the dream within me. After college, I formed friendships with wedding photographers through the blog world.
I’d spend hours browsing through their professional portfolios and reading their photography blogs, completed amazed at the gorgeousness of their pictures. I admired their skills and enjoyed reading their client stories.
After graduating from college, I received requests from my college friends to photograph weddings. However, I could not afford the photography equipment and I’d never actually photographed a wedding. So I kindly turned down those offers and referred my friends to photographers who had years of experience specializing in wedding photography.
Love in Pictures was a wonderful way for me to safely explore my passion for wedding photography through my story’s heroine Michelle. It was fun to showcase her photography studio in a beautiful town, travel with her to one of the world’s most romantic destinations (Italy) where she was hired to shoot her first international wedding, “eat” all the delicious food that she enjoyed, and it was really fun to introduce the possibility of Michelle’s own happily ever after by inserting Logan into her life.
When the reader meets Logan, they will see his passion for running and they will learn of his heartbreak from a previous relationship. As the reader gets to know Logan, they’ll learn that he is a successful print journalist who dreams of greater success on TV as a broadcast journalist. As they turn the pages of Love in Pictures, they will discover that Logan suffers from a personal struggle that threatens to derail his dreams.
I drew on my training as a print journalist and real world experiences in the Journalism industry to effectively write Logan’s character. I pulled on my own imagination along with some real life experience to write the scenes where he faithfully wooed and pursued Michelle.
I always said that if I knew I would never fail, I’d be a wedding photographer. But since failure is part of real-life, I explored the industry of capturing love in pictures safely, where failure is not a reality: Writing a fictional story about a wedding photographer!
I enjoyed writing this story! I hope that you will enjoy reading it.


To celebrate her tour, Alexis is giving away the grand prize package of one e-book copy of Love in Pictures, an e-book copy of Hope in My Heart: A Collection of Heartwarming Stories, and a $10 Amazon card!!
Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! 


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Artistic Nobody, April 21 (Guest Review from Donna Cline)





Tuesday, March 31, 2020

My Weekly Quarantine TV Hit #1

During this time of quarantine I know I will be watching tons of movies and tv shows. I thought why not tell you what I have watched and look forward to watching.  

 Here are some of my favorites so far:

1. Outlander - STARZ

"Outlander" is a historical drama based on the novel series by Diana Gabaldon. It stars Caitriona Balfe as Claire Randall, a married former World War II nurse who in 1946 finds herself transported back to Scotland in 1743. There she encounters the dashing Highland warrior Jamie Fraser played by Sam Heughan, and becomes embroiled in the Jacobite risings. The first season is based on the first novel. 

Season 1: 
In 1946, former World War II nurse Claire Randall and her husband Frank are visiting Inverness, Scotland, when she is carried from the standing stones at Craigh na Dun back in time to 1743. She falls in with a group of rebel Scottish Highlanders from Clan MacKenzie, who are being pursued by English redcoats led by Captain Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall, Frank's ancestor. She marries a Highlander, Jamie Fraser, out of necessity, but they quickly fall in love. The Clan suspects her of being a spy, and retain her as a healer, preventing her from attempting to return to her own time. Knowing that the Jacobite cause is doomed to fail, Claire tries to warn them against pursuing a rebellion. Her husband Jamie is captured, tortured, and raped by the sadistic Randall, but Claire and his clansmen rescue him. Claire tells Jamie that she is pregnant and they leave to sail to France.

I don't want to give you plots for the next seasons. Don't want to spoil anything. 

You have to watch it in order. This is a show you cannot just hop in the middle of it. Netflix Streaming has it until Season 3.  I am not sure if you can get a 7-day free trial on STARZ's website/app.  Check out the Starz website for more information on being able to watch all the episodes.  Starz's Outlander Website Click Here

Season 5 playing every Sunday on STARZ. 
I can't stress how you can not skip around with this show. 

"Outlander" is not a family tv series. It is full of nudity, sex, language, and hard topics such as rape, murder, and even suicide.  I am not a fan of sex scenes at all, but I do have to say 90% of Outlander's sex is awesome because it has normal romantic sex, not forceful sex by the man. Jamie does a great job of asking Claire many times if she is okay. 99.9% of Starz, HBO shows have forceful, yucky sex scenes where they don't ask the women if they are okay with it. Anyways, I might write up a post about the proper way films and tv shows should treat sex scenes without making it feel like dirty porn. 

Here are some trailers from the show:
Season 1 Trailer

Season 2 Trailer

Season 3 Trailer

Season 4 Trailer:

Season 5 Trailer:

2. Self- Made Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker

On Netflix Streaming. 
A chronicle of the incredible story of Madam C. J. Walker, who was the first African American self-made millionaire. 
Octavia Spencer played an amazing Madam C.J. Walker. I would love to see this win an award. 

Unorthodox- Netflix Streaming

Unorthodox is a German-American drama web TV miniseries. The series is loosely based on Deborah Feldman's 2012 autobiography Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of my Hasidic Roots. It is the first Netflix series to be primarily in Yiddish. 

I thought I wouldn't make it through the first episode without going to something else to watch. I was wrong I could not turn it off I had to find out what happens to her. 4 hours later I watched it without stopping.  I learned a lot from this film. 

If you need a laugh Schitt's Creek is one of the best comedies every other than I Love Lucy and the Carol Burnett Show. 

Schitt's Creek- Netflix, POP Channel

I suggest watching the first season first. Once you watched at least half of the first season you can skip around, but I promise you will want to watch every single episode.  I am crying because they are airing Season 6 which is also the finale season. I will do some fun information about Schitt's Creek on another post. 

About Schitt's Creek 
A wealthy couple-- video store magnate Johnny and his soap opera star wife Moira-- suddenly find themselves completely broke. With only one remaining asset, a small town called Schitt's Creek, which the Roses bought years earlier as a joke, this once-wealthy couple must give up life as they know it. With their two spoiled children in tow and their pampered lives behind them, the Rose family is forced to face their newfound poverty head-on and come together as a family to survive. 
Cast: Eugene Levy. Dan Levy. Catherine O'Hara, Annie Murphy, Chris Elliott

Become a Hero by Buying a Mask ENDFIP

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