Almost Died- Covid19 and Acute Pancreatitis

  It has been 2 years and I haven't gotten Covid19 until now.  On May 7th, 2022 I started getting symptoms. I had a scratchy throat. I thought it was just allergies, but then in the afternoon on the 8th I developed a severe exploding headache, chills, fatigue, and a fever of 100.0.  Then I thought I had a flu bug until Sunday, May 9th, Mother's Day. My mom went out to eat with my grandma, aunt, and uncle. I stayed home because I was really sick. I soon developed diarrhea and severe nausea. Once my mom got home I had her help me take one of those Covid home tests. Fifteen minutes later the results came back. I had Covid. The pink line was solid pink. Time for isolation. I was so scared it wasn't funny. I didn't get vaccinated because of my auto-immune conditions. I was terrified Covid will set off my auto immune conditions and make me end up in the hospital. My mom tried to keep me calm. I felt bad she was taking care of me on Mother's Day.  My fever got really bad o

Vera Bradley Star Wars Line

   I am a Vera Bradley lover. Unfortunately, they are too expensive for me, but I pick them up at garage sales, thrift stores, estate sales, and Vera Bradley outlet sales.  Since I am not a huge Star Wars fan and can live without it I thought I would let you know. I know a lot of you love anything Star Wars.  Wednesday, May 4th the Star War products will be released. Once they are released I will update it and put pictures of the purses, handbags, backpacks, etc.. on this post but for now its just this:  Vera Bradley Star War Website's Link: Click Here


My picks are in blue. The winners are in pink.  I also always wished we could give more than one award in each category like the Olympics does. Gold, Silver and Bronze. For example.  Television TELEVISION DRAMA ENSEMBLE The Handmaid’s Tale The Morning Show Squid Game Succession WINNER Yellowstone My Quick Thoughts:  This really surprised me because Squid Game was well written and well shot. I am glad "The Handmaid's Tale" didn't win because their storyline is not that great. The first seasons were amazing.  I would give the Gold: Succession. Silver: " Squid Game " Bronze: "Yellowstone" TELEVISION  DRAMA ACTRESS Jennifer Aniston,  The Morning Show Jung Ho-Yeon,  Squid Game   WINNER Elisabeth Moss,  The Handmaid’s Tale Sarah Snook,  Succession Reese Witherspoon,  The Morning Show My Quick Thoughts:  I am so excited for Jung Ho-Yeon for winning because her acting was amazing.  If "Squid Game" wasn't in this category I would say Sarah Sno