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Get Fun Mail!! How to Find Pen Pals

I am hooked on having penpals. In December, I joined a bunch of PenPal groups on Facebook. I wish I did it sooner. When I was 15 years old I had 5 penpals. Don't ask me what caused the letters to stop.  I think we just grew up, got busy, and/or forgot.  I forgot how much fun pen pals are. I now have 15 pen pals. I have so much fun. I have people from Australia, UK, Finland, Canada. I really want to find someone from Japan and Ireland. I also have penpals from a variety of states.  We share stickers, papers, and fun little things.  Here are some of my favorite Pen Pal groups on Facebook: PenPals: Click Here About this Group:  This is a group where everybody can communicate with each other via mail/ postal service... No matter what age! kids can make lifelong friends from afar or near... same with anyone any age! we all need friends and it can be a bit difficult these days to just walk up to someone and say "hey, wanna be friends?" there are no limits to how many people you