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Saffron's Gluten Free Store on Plainfield MI

Saturday Aug 28th is their sample day. It starts at 11:00am-2:00pm. The theme is snacks and lunch items. Gluten Free items are expensive. It is heart breaking spending money on a GF food and end up not liking it. That is why I love the Sample events. I think that all stores should have these type of events. In October they will have be having Sample Saturdays for Celiac Disease Month. Address: 4196 Plainfield, MI

List of Gluten Free Restaurants

1- Uccello's has a gluten-free menu. You will need to request at gluten-free menu. Also you will need to talk to he waiter and manager. 2- Chipotle's. Again make sure to ask for a gluten-free menu and make sure that waiter knows that you are gluten-free. 3- Olive Garden has many different meals that are gluten-free. Ask the greeter for a gluten-free menu. Also mention that you are gluten-free. 4- Ruby Tuesday 5- ABC Pizza offers gluten-free pizza 6- Boston's the one by Celebration Cinema North on the Beltline. 7- Noodles, also near Celebration Cinema North. I believe that all Noodles have gluten free items. 8- Red Robins- Ask the waiter not to but Red Robin's Seasoning. 9- Wendys. You can even eat the Chili. Just remember where every eat always ask to speak with the manager. Ask the manager about using clean gloves, utensils, pans, etc. Don't be afraid to question your meal. If the meal isn't how you order it tell the manager and don't eat

Harvest Health Foods' Gluten Free Fair

Harvest Health Foods is throwing their annual Mini Gluten Free Fair at the Hudsonville location on Saturday Aug 21,2010. It starts at 10:00am- 3:00pm. The address is: 4150 32nd Avenue in Hudsonville, MI

Family Estate Sale Business

My mom's dream has always been starting an estate sale services. Now, that my health is getting back on track and things are starting to look good she has started her buisness- Legacy Estate Sale Services. We have watched other Estate Sale companies ruin items and are only there for money.  My mom has done estate sale for friends and enjoys helping people.  It is nice to watch my mom do what she wants to do and not have to worry about taking care of me. Her website is We do travel, but fees will apply. I love my mom so much and enjoy watching her do what she enjoys.

Celiac Disease Linked to Modestly Increased Mortality

by Laurie Barclay, MD September 15, 2009 — Mortality risk is modestly increased in patients with celiac disease, inflammation, or latent celiac disease, according to the results of a retrospective cohort study reported in the September 16 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. "Studies of mortality in celiac disease have not taken small-intestinal pathology into account," write Jonas F. Ludvigsson, MD, PhD, from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, and colleagues. "We used nationwide histopathology data to examine the overall risk of death in individuals with celiac disease and inflammation. Through regional data linkage, we were also able to examine mortality in latent celiac disease." The investigators studied duodenal/jejunal biopsies performed at all 28 pathology departments in Sweden between July 1969 and February 2008 on celiac disease (Marsh stage III: villous atrophy; n = 29,096 individuals) and inflammation (Marsh stage I

Experts Identify Three Culprits for Gluten Allergy

HONG KONG (Reuters) Jul 21 - Researchers have identified three fragments in gluten that appear to trigger the autoimmune response in people with celiac disease. The findings, published online July 21st in Science Translational Medicine, may lead to a more targeted cure for the disease instead of what patients do now - abstain completely from food containing wheat, barley and rye and their by-products. "If you can (narrow down) the toxicity of an allergen to a few components, that enables you to make a highly targeted therapy in a way that you no longer need to target the whole immune system," said researcher Dr. Robert Anderson of The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Victoria, Australia. In the case of celiac disease, which is not an allergy but an autoimmune disorder, autoantibodies produced in response to gluten damage the lining of the small intestine. In order to identify the antigenic peptides recognized by the T cells that cause th