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This Winter

I thought I should post to tell a little bit about what I have been going through: It all started in October 2006. I have been extremely exhausted. I get about 10 hours of sleep and still want more. I went to U of M to find out what is going on. After 4 or 5 blood tests, ct scan, bone density scan, colonoscopy and endoscopy, four breath tests, camera capsule. They finally came to some of the diagnosis. 1. I have Nonresponsive Celiac Disease. the disease is not going in dormant stage like it should when a person is on a Gluten-Free Diet. Also it is attacking all over. From my heart, lungs. 2. Positive Antibody for either Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis . 3. I have to have hiatal hernia surgery because of the sever heartburn and chest pain I am getting. Nexium doesn't help anymore. My surgery is coming up and then I will have to go through lots of tests for Lupus and RA. Hopefully this will come to an end. This will be my eighth surgery in four years.