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Life After Heaven by Steven R. Musick Book Review

Ever since I died and saw Heaven in 2007,  I have been drawn to other persons out of body experiences.  I was able to get my hands on Steven R. Musick's Steven R. Musick's book  Life After Heaven.  He had his out of body experience after being given the swine flu vaccination. He was allergic to something in the vaccination.  He goes right into the accident in the first couple of chapters. The rest of the book talks about him figuring out what God wants him to with his in life.  After reading his book I don't feel so alone. He fights the same feelings I do. These feelings are wanting to go back to Heaven and being with God. When I was in Heaven I had no pain, no worries, and was very happy. My life isn't as bad as some other people, but suffering from so much pain with  RSD, Celiac, Chrons, Gastroparesis, Heart problem, etc.. it is hard not to just give up. Luckily, Steven R. Musick, who suffered from lots of pain and sickness from the vaccination was later cured