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It is Hamburger & Hot Dog Season!

It can not be summer without hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. Being gluten-free shouldn’t stop you from enjoying them. If you are invited to a party that is doing some grilling you can bring your own hot dogs or hamburgers and wrap them in foil. By wrapping them in foil you can prevent cross contamination and enjoy the grill taste. What hot dog brands are Gluten-Free? Applegate Farm has many different types of hotdogs. According to the company their organic beef, chicken, turkey and pork are considered GF to at least 20ppm, and no gluten is used in the faculty where they are produced. Contact Applegate Farms at 866-587-5858 for any questions. Ball Park’s hot dogs are gluten free. The company stated that their hot dogs’ labels will reflect the ingredients in the products. You can contact Ball Park with further questions at 800-925-3326 Dietz & Watson products are GF (avoid the scrapple and the bockwurst) The company is certified GF by the Celiac Sprue Associatio