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Fun Benefits of Wearing Masks

Benefits of wearing masks . Mask can help with so many things. Here are how masks help: 1. It makes it hard to identify you. Every day, you are basically wearing a robber's mask. Now that you know, please, don't rob anything.  2.  Masks help with bad breath, People around you don't have to smell your bad breath. The only person who gets to smell your breath is yourself.  3. You can hide acne breakouts, spots, wrinkles 4. Saves on surgeries. You won't need lip botox to plump up lips and cheeks. You also don't need to get a nose job since it covers it.  5. Masks save on makeup because all you need is a little bit of foundation on the forehead and eye makeup.  6. Men don't need to shave their face 7. They hide your teeth so if you are someone like me who hates their teeth masks are perfect to cover up your teeth problems.  8. If you have a drippy nose because of sinus problems masks will hide it.  The only problem is you will have to live with a wet mask until you