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What Not to Give and What to Give Someone with a Gluten & Wheat Allergy?

Everyone loves this time of year except for people with Celiac Disease or people who have food allergies. When Family and Friends don't know what to give a person for Christmas, Holidays, Birthdays they automatically go to food. They will give you a gift certificate to a restaurant or a gift bag full of food from World Market. Don't be too mad at your family or friend. I will make them feel really bad by saying, "Man this looks so yummy but I can't eat any of it, so I am re-gifting it to you right now so Merry Christmas 2015."  This is a time when friends and family doesn't know what to get people so they get them food and gift cards to restaurants. Celiac & Gluten Allergy hates them. Here is a list of what  NOT  to give someone with Gluten and Wheat Allergy: 1. DO NOT give them a gift card to a restaurant.  I can't count how many times my friends or family have given me a gift card to McDonalds, Steak n Shake.  Steak n Shake is a

Gluten Free Pizza Delivery

GEORGIO'S GOURMET PIZZA RESTAURANT & DELIVERY I heard that Georgio's Gourmet Pizza carries an amazing Gluten Free pizza. I was in the area with my mother and grandmother. We decided to see if they actual do carry that amazing Gluten Free pizza that everyone has been talking about. I was so excited. THEY DO!! (Jumping up and down with excitement).  People were looking at me like I was crazy.      The GF pizza only comes in a 10' pizza with two toppings. I love chicken and pineapple pizza.  I made sure the chicken was GF because you never know if their seasoning they put on it contains gluten or sometimes all they have is breaded chicken.  Our waitress checked and came back saying they can put a piece of plain chicken on my pizza. I ended up ordering my pizza with chicken, spinach, and pineapple.  The waitress told me the pizza takes about 20 minutes to cook. I had time to wait.   But if you are going on your lunch break make sure you have at least 30 minut