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Chex Cereal

Chex has been a great company for changing their cereals to gluten free. The Chocolate Chex, Honey Nut Chex,Cinniamon Chex, Rice Chex, Corn Chex, Strawberry Chex are gluten free.It is so exciting that food companies are starting to think about people who can't have wheat/gluten. You can go to for cool snack recipes. When you get a chance email Chex to thank them for gluten free.

Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

STUFFING Stuffing has been a tradition in many families. My family always have stuffing. Here is the easiest gluten-free stuffing: 1. Take your favorite gluten free bread and chop it into cubes. 2. Put in other ingrediants such as: rasins, cranberrys,celery is what I usually put in it. But experiment and put other GF foods such as figs, corn, etc. 3. pour chicken broth (Swanson). pour just enough to help keep it moist. 3. put it in the oven at 350 degrees or until it is golden brown PUMPKIN PIE A quick and easy pumpkin pie: 1. Find GF cookies that you didn't really like or GF cookies you love and crumble them. 2. pour a little bit of melted butter to help spread the GF cookie crumbs 3. Open a can of pumpkin filling. Most pumpkin filling is GF, but make sure to read labels and/or call the company. Put the filling in a bowl and pour a small amount of milk until it is easy to spread out on the GF Cookies. You may not even need to use the milk. 4. Put in the oven at 350 d

Gluten Free Turkeys

It is time for Thanksgiving and time to pick the turkey. 1. Butterball turkeys are always on the top of the Gluten Free list.Pretty much all Butterball turkeys are Gluten Free unless they have seasoning on it. They will tell you if it contains wheat. You can call 1-800-butterball for information. 2. Don't use the seasoning package that it may come with. And avoid turkeys with seasoning already on it. 3. Most local stores have gluten free turkeys. Spartan Brand turkeys (Family Fare, D&w) should say if it contains wheat, but again it may say wheat on it, but it could be from the seasoning package so read labels slowly. 4. Costco and Sams Club turkeys should be ok, but again please read the labels slowly and ask the meat department if you are questioning it. Most meat department people don't know what is gluten free so ask for a number to call. 5. Also some turkeys come with a gravy package. The gravy Package is NOT gluten free!! The turkey should be ok, unless the gr

Update on Bostons Restaurant GF Pizza

Their gluten-free pizza crust arrives at the restaurant in sealed aluminum pans. Separate utensils are used in the preparation, knives, cutting boards, etc. Also separate food products are also used – so there is no “double dipping” of sauces, etc., from gluten free pizzas and gluten pizzas. The pizzas are 10” size, about 8 slices. You can go to their parent website,, you can print a coupon for $1.00 off, which is good on any of their gluten-free pizzas. If you enjoyed their pizza, and if you stop in to their restaurant, be sure to mention how much you appreciate having gluten-free pizza available! They are also considering adding more gluten-free menu items in the future. Boston’s is located at 2024 Celebration Avenue, Grand Rapids. Actually, it is located just off the East Beltline in the Celebration Cinema plaza. Their phone number is 616-363-4948 and website

Bostons Gourmet Pizza and Sports restaurant

The Grand Rapids restaurant is now serving gluten free pizza and other menu items. Go to there website and click locations. Pick Grand Rapids. Come join us at Boston’s for the best food specials in Grand Rapids! In addition to our signature gourmet pizza and pasta, try our outstanding wings, ribs, salads, sandwiches, lunch specials and the best kids menu around. Want to catch the game? Check out our sports bar featuring great daily drink specials, flat screen TV’s and local team memorabilia. Like dining outside? Enjoy our large wrap-around patio that can accommodate groups of any size. Or if you want to enjoy Boston’s in the comfort of your home, check out our Good To Go! Take Out Menu. Just call ahead, drive up, and we’ll meet you at the curb! 2024 Celebration Avenue NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525 PHONE: (616) 363-4948 FAX: (616) 363-4815

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

My life has been crazy with a diagnoses of Reflex Sympathetic Dystropy which is a neurological condition that causes severe disabilitating pain in my legs and can even be in my whole entire body. The pain of this disease is said to be worse then cancer pain. I can believe it. I have had ten major painful surgery, but they were nothing compare to RSD pain. I could spend my day screaming in pain. The pain can last 24 hours seven days a week. Strong pain meds don't even touch it. Diludid shots don't even touch it. The pain is a shrap shooting pain with burning that feels like I am on fire. I have been getting nerve blocks every week for six or more weeks. Thoses injections have been a blessing. Everyone with this disease has different things that work for them. Some people take neurotin and that helps them. Broken legs, surgeries, car crashes, and many other issues can cause RSD. My was caused by a hospital error. This is what I have been dealing with all fall.