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My Experience with Workplace Bullying

Teaching has always been a dream of mine especially teaching theater and film classes to college students.  In 2006, I taught K-7th graders theater for a year while their regular teacher was recovering from health issues.  Sometimes wondering why I didn't go to college to get a teaching degree because I teaching and helping students learn is something I have a passion for. Plus, I love learning myself. Sometimes things just don't go as plan in life. I thought I was so close to teaching college students. In May 2017,  I was hired to work at a local film college here in Michigan which I graduated from in 2016. They asked me to teach a class until one of their professors who they hired arrives from Florida. Then once he got to the school we would then teach the class together. Well, at least I thought. I taught the class for four weeks and then the students had 4 weeks off while they shot their capstone projects. When they got back I taught the Tuesday class and then I was to