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Life Never Goes As Plan

I don't know why, but lately I have been just so fustrated with life. Why may you ask? Because I am 29 years old and still going to college. It isn't because of my grades because I have been getting straight As. Its because I keep getting slammed with one health problem after another.  I look at jobs that are opening up that I could get if I had a degree. I am not able to work and go to school. What I am terrified is graduating from college and not being able to find a good paying job that works with my health condition. This is my biggest fear! This is because I have collected six years of interest rate on my Chase loan, Sallie Mae Loan, Firstmark and three others which so far adds up to over $109,000. How the hell am I going to pay this?  I only took out $56,900. I have two more years left before I get my Bachlors degree. Going to film school is great, but its alot of hardwork. I am not saying regular business schools, or other degrees aren't hard, but with film you have

Send Me Gluten-Free Subscription Box Unboxing

I I have totally fallen in love with subscription boxes, espcially gluten-free ones. I ran into Send Me Gluten-Free and got myself one. This box is awesome! It had a lot of cool items in it. Check on the video below to my unboxing off it. Would I recommand this box? Hell yeah. Did I get my moneys worth? Yes I believe I did. This video shows you all the products I got inside the box. I hope you enjoy it and subscribe to it.  Send Me Gluten-Free website is : Don't forget to sign up to my YouTube Channel so you can get more fun gluten-free ideas as well as entertainment. My YouTube Channel: Facebook Page: Twitter: Tumblr: