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Blood Phoenix Inferno by Alisha Costanzo - Spotlight

Broken World Book 4 Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Date Published : January 3, 2020 Publisher: Transmundane Press Drawing the Scarlet Queen to central New York’s training grounds, Ria’s remarkable blood triggers negotiations between two kingdoms. Ria questions her own humanity when she finds herself aligned with Phea, the vampire queen—a woman who’s tortured her and her friends for months. As all of her secrets unravel around her, Ria is forced to conform or sacrifice the people she loves. If she doesn’t find a way to break their alliance, the balance of the universe will plunge deeper into chaos, and no one will be safe. With a sprinkling of Twilight, a bite of Anita Blake, and a smattering of satirical Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you won't want to miss this dark and witty vampire series. About the Author Wife of a disabled veteran, Alisha Costanzo writes about PTSD, environmentalism, violence, and c

Fabletics Huge Clothing Sale

Fabletics is having some amazing sales right now. Fabletics is one of my favorite online clothing stores. What do they sell?  About Fabletics JustFab Inc. Co-CEOs, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, launched Fabletics with Kate Hudson after they saw a gap in the activewear marketplace: there were plenty of luxury brands, but none that offered stylish and high-quality gear at an accessible price point. These three unstoppable innovators joined forces to create the Fabletics brand in 2013. THEIR MISSION At Fabletics, they create clothing that inspires you to stay active. Their on-trend designs are high in quality at great prices. Beyond the clothing, they foster a community of people who embrace their mantra – “Live Your Passion” – every day.  You can buy two leggings for $24.00 a $99.00 value. They also are having a huge 70% off on their outfits, outdoor wear and more. I love Fabletics clothing and accessories. It does a great job of regulating your body temperature. They have

The Gray Chamber by Grace Hitchcock - Book Review and Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

ABOUT THE BOOK Will Edyth prove her sanity before it is too late? Step into True Colors —a new series of Historical Stories of Romance and American Crime On Blackwell’s Island, New York, a hospital was built to keep its patients from ever leaving. With her late parents’ fortune under her uncle’s care until her twenty-fifth birthday in the year 1887, Edyth Foster does not feel pressured to marry or to bow to society’s demands. She freely indulges in eccentric hobbies like fencing and riding her velocipede in her cycling costume about the city for all to see. Finding a loophole in the will, though, her uncle whisks Edyth off to the women’s lunatic asylum just weeks before her birthday. And Edyth fears she will never be found. At the asylum she meets another inmate, who upon discovering Edyth’s plight, confesses that she is Nellie Bly, an undercover journalist for  The World.  Will either woman find a way to leave the terrifying island and reclaim her true self?  Click  here