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Grand Rapid's Michigan Whitecaps Gluten Free Menu!

I have gone to Whitecaps games and watch my friends and family eat baseball game foods. I always felt left out. I won't be feeling left out any more because the Whitecaps has a gluten free menu!! All you have to do is ask to see the gluten free selections. Now you can cheer and eat just like your family and friends.

Starbucks Has GF Cookies!!

I always go with friends to our local Starbucks and talk. I have always loved going to Starbucks and getting warm milk with french vanilla. My friends always order a cookie or a bagel. They always ask me why I don't like cookies. I have to remind them about me being gluten-free. I wish I could eat Starbucks cookies. I always feel like they think I am weird. But now some locations of Starbucks carry gluten-free cookies. According to the spokesperson, Starbucks will have gluten-free cookies at all corporation locations (freestanding locations). Any Starbucks in malls or stores may or may not carry GF cookies.

Suggestions on Baking Cookies

Gluten-Free cookies can be a pain to make. I had a hard time with regular cookies.  I don't know about you, but my GF cookies come on flat and hard. It spreads all over the pan even when I lessen the butter. I love switching out the butter and putting applesauce in the place. Applesauce is a work of art. You have to play around with it. Here are some suggestions that other gluten- freeers have told me:  -Bake on a Silpat mat placed onto your cookie sheet – this helps keep the dough from spreading too much. - For cookies that are rolled out and cut out, place the dough between two Silpat mats, or between two sheets of plastic wrap. The plastic wrap can also be moistened to help it from slipping around on the counter and also water can help spread out the cookie dough. - Use a small ice-cream scoop with a lever to help release the dough onto your cookie sheet. - Use an offset spatula, moistened, to help smooth the batter after dropping it onto the cookie sheet. - Refrig

Ian's Foods Now Has Animal Cookies

Animal cookies have come in handy for children on the go, lunches, snacks, picnics, car rides. It has been very hard to find great tasting gluten free animal cookies that kids and parents like. Ian's Animal Cookies taste great. They taste a lot like the non-gluten free animal cookies.  They are sweet and addicting. These animal cookies are not only good for kid, they are great for young adults and adults. They are handy not only for children, but also for adults on the run too.  Ian's Animal Cookies are my favorite. It also has a sealable bag to keep them fresh. This is a must in your pantry!

New Gluten Free Products!

Gluten Free Pantry has a new look and the same wonderful taste. I have always loved their All Purpose Flour and used it in every recipes I make. Gluten Free Pantry’s  has some more wonderful mixes: the Chocolate Chip Cookie mix is simple and tasty. I love this mix. I am a college student and always busy, so this mix comes in handy for quick cookies. The cookie has no grittiness or weird tastes like some gluten free cookies have. I like them because my non-gluten free friends can’t tell the difference. This product is very nice for anyone who has a busy schedule or that doesn’t like to bake. Another product that is simply and very tasty is the Gluten Free Pantry Brownie Mix. I have never been a brownie fan until I tried this mix. I like my brownies soft. I put them in a smaller pan then the box said because I like it soft. If I wanted it hard I would stick it into a larger pan. I also added some chocolate chunk chips because I love the melting chocolate. I liked this product because it