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Joy by Audrey Kai Yoon Children Book Book Review

ABOUT THE BOOK Joy by Audrey Kai Yoon - Audrey wrote Joy for her 6th grade English class assignment when she was 11 years old. She was inspired by a short film about a paper airplane she saw at summer camp. This is where the idea and image of the yellow balloon emerged. When asked if the story is about her dad, Audrey says no. It’s not about any one person. The story is about finding balance and paying attention to the opportunities for joy , opportunities that float right by us all the time. Grade Level:  3 - 4 Hardcover:  38 pages Publisher:  Mascot Books (July 2, 2019) Language:  English ISBN-10:  1643072250 ISBN-13:  978-1643072258 MY BOOK REVIEW About sadness and depression. He ran away from memories because it brought him sadness. Money isn't the answer. Finding balance and paying attention to opportunities for Joy. The drawings are beautifully sketched with hints of colors especially on the yellow balloon. This is a great way to talk about depressi

The Making of Daisy Hart by Karen Tjebben Book Spotlight and Giveaway

ABOUT THE BOOK Contemporary Romance Date Published:  March 2019 Cassie Bowmont had what it took to succeed, at least that’s what she told herself. Hoping a change of pace and new scenery would get her creative juices flowing, she rented a beach cottage in the small town of Avenel where she could dip her pen into the steamy depths of adult romance. She didn’t need or want any distractions to thwart her progress, but she hadn’t counted on Chris Walker. After deciding that he would be a great muse for the hero in her book, she realized that a summer fling with him was just what the Book Gods ordered.     When Chris Walker spotted the small car on the shoulder of the road, his hero complex kicked in. Unable to ignore a damsel in distress, he pulled over to be a knight in a Ford F-150. He stomped through the flooded road and convinced Cassie to follow him to safety. After a goodbye wave in the parking lot of a Piggly Wiggly, he figured

Watt O'Hugh and the Innocent Dead by Steven S. Drachman Book Review and Giveaway

ABOUT THE BOOK Praise for WATT O'HUGH AND THE INNOCENT DEAD “Touching tragedy, dead-pan comedy and a time-roaming cowboy? Part three of Drachman’s epic fantasy series is indeed fantastic!” ― David David Katzman , award-winning author of A Greater Monster (Bedhead Books) “[An] engaging tale of Western science fiction and amazing fantasy … Fast-paced, energetic and fun; a dime novel for modern intellectuals.” ― Kirkus Reviews "The third entry in Drachman'sseries (after Watt O'Hugh Underground) dives right into a complex world of time travel, lost love, faith, war, and the afterlife. The titularRoamer -- a time traveler with cowboy flavor -- is hoodwinked into getting good and dead. He wakes up in the Hell of the Innocent Dead, a place of Chinese myth devoted to those unjustly dead whose murderers still walk free.... VERDICT: Genre mashup devotees should get some good laughs and thrills from this Western/adventure/sf/fantasy blend." ― Nicole Steeves,

The Prophet of the Termite God by Clark Thomas Carlton Nerd Blast and Giveaway

SYNOPSIS Once an outcast, Pleckoo has risen to Prophet-Commander of the Hulkrish army. But a million warriors and their ghost ants were not enough to defeat his cousin, Anand the Roach Boy, the tamer of night wasps and founder of Bee-Jor. Now Pleckoo is hunted by the army that once revered him. Yet in all his despair, Pleckoo receives prophecies from his termite god, assuring him he will kill Anand to rule the Sand, and establish the One True Religion. And war is not yet over. Now, Anand and Bee-Jor face an eastern threat from the Mad Emperor of the Barley People, intent on retaking stolen lands from a vulnerable and chaotic nation. And on the southern Weedlands, thousands of refugees clamor for food and safety and their own place in Bee-Jor. But the greatest threats to the new country come from within, where an embittered nobility and a disgraced priesthood plot to destroy Anand … then reunite the Lost Country with the Once Great and Holy Slope. Can the boy who worked in

Hashtag Rogue Book 5 by Chautona Havig Book Review and Giveaway

ABOUT THE BOOK Something is terribly wrong in The Agency. Again. Flynne Dortmann: computer specialist extraordinaire. The right arm of every agent in The Agency. And totally untrained for agent duty. So when no one takes a threat seriously, Flynne does the only thing she can think of. With money she has no authorization to use, a gun she’s never fired in her hip pocket, and more zip-ties than any agent should be allowed to carry, Flynne takes on protective detail for an unwilling client. #Rogue. Mark Cho hasn’t had a chance to get used to being Marco Mendina—head of the Eastern US Agency. Not only that, every sign points to someone knowing he isn’t who he appears to be. His agency is in trouble.  His agents may be in danger, and with an office girl gone rogue, deciding what problem to tackle first is a problem in itself. Not to mention, he misses his office assistant with her emoji-speak, killer tech skills, and sharp instincts. Book:  Hashtag Rogue     Author:  Ch