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Tips on Preventing Gluten Contamination When Grilling

A few days ago I posted a grilling DIY video, I created with my good friend Edward Jay Nelson. These recipes are gluten-free, but I had a reader ask me about grilling contamination. It is a huge misconception that gluten can be “killed” if it’s cooked at high temperatures. This isn’t true. Gluten, according, is a particle and not a bacteria so it cannot be destroyed with heat. The only way to really remove gluten is by really cleaning the racks on your grill. You can’t really do this: Phone Rings. You pick it up. It’s your best friend Susie who has invited you to their Fourth of July party. You: Hi, Susie. Susie (a.k.a. Friend): I am so excited you are coming to the party. We are  going to have grilled chicken, hot dogs. You: Do you grill any breaded stuff on your grill? Susie: Steve usually toasts the buns on the grill. You: You need to clean your grill racks completely. It needs to be bleached and really scrubbed.    Susie: What? You: Af

Anna's House Restaurant In Grand Rapids, Michigan has Huge GF Menu

My weekend kind of starts on Thursday thats because I don't have classes on Thursday and Friday. This weekend I spent Thursday and Friday filming for Entertainment For All Network's Youtube channel, a.k.a. my channel. We filmed a gluten-free peanut butter brownie can't wait to get up for you guys because it tastes amazing and it was really easy. Anyways, on Thursday, we took a break for lunch and went Anna's House restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It has a fun environment. You step into the restaurant and you go back into the 1950s. They have a couple of TVs on the wall playing the old 1950s classic television shows like  Bewitch  and  I Dream of Jeanie.   There is a wall with a variety of old toasters hanging on the wall. I had a gluten-free Cranberry Turkey Panini sandwich with homemade potato chips. This was so good. It had thick turkey breast, swiss cheese, baby spinach, brown mustard and an amazing cranberry mayo that I ended up asking for extra on the