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Experience with a Drama Queen Friendship

Have you ever thought you met someone who you think will be a great friend, but then find out they are just using you to get to someone else or just wasn't there for you when you were there for them? A year ago, I met someone who is in the theatre community. She started acting in my skits for my production companies web series. During the film shoots she and another actor started flirting with each. Eventually, after 3 months of knowing each other, they started hanging together a lot. Six months later he meets a girl on a Facebook live. They became girlfriend and boyfriend. She was devastated because she really loves him. His girlfriend was jealous and didn't want him to hang out with her because they use to be physical with each other,"Friends with benefits", so he stopped communicating with her. This is what caused our friendship to get stronger because the only way she could find out what was going on with him was through me. We would go thrift shopping, garage