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Courageous Women of the Bible Book

Award-winning author and speaker Latan Roland Murphy's book " Courageous Women of the Bible" " empowers women through stories of choices that positioned them for success. She encourages her readers to look beyond their circumstances by laying out ways to develop more courage through scripture. She has her readers look at eleven biblical stories such as  Deborah, Widow with Two Coins, Joel, Abigail, Bathsheba, Samantain Women, Mary, Mother of Jesus, Shulammite Women described, Shunammite Women. As someone who isn't very familiar with the Bible I had a hard time connecting the women from the Bible and relating it to myself without having to do more studying. However, I did find some very inspiring messages such as: "Obstacles are simply opportunities with God by our side." "Own your tomorrow by making your way to Jesus today" -p. 48 There are many great messages in her book. However, I really wish she explained in detail more on the eleve