Monday, February 2, 2015

Jennifer Esposito's Battle w/ Celiac Disease

I was searching things for a school project and ran into a Katie Couric interviewing Jennifer Esposito about Celiac DIsease. You might Jennifer Esposito from Samatha Who?. 

Click Here to see the video:

I love how she really stressed this is an auto-immune disease and not some fade diet to loose weight. Yes some do loose weight from going on a Gluten-Free diet, but the reason why they are loosing weight is because of being on gluten-free diet. isn't a fade diet.

She also explained how you don't have to have the stomach symptoms to have Celiac Disease.

This video is about 8 minutes and twenty seconds. Its short video, but does a great job at really explaining Celiac Disease.

She has a book out called: Jennifer Esposito's Journey with Celiac Disease. You can order it on Click below. 

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