Monday, August 7, 2017

Producing a Red Neck Reality Show

I am so excited for this opportunity to produce this funny reality show with this crazy Pickett family. It's a redneck reality show. I hope you find moments where you laugh.  Don't forget to subscribe to Entertainment For All Network on Youtube.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Things I Learned From An Ear Infection

Lately, I have been dealing with a really bad ear infection that just doesn't want to go away. The frustration of all the steroids and antibiotic ear drops is getting me down. 

Here are some things I have also learned from having ear infections:

1. Don't ever use cotton swabs. NEVER EVER. Using them will cause ear wax to be lodged in the eardrum. 

2. Don't put cotton balls on the other part of ear to hold in the ear drops because particles from the cotton ball can and will attach to the thick liquid of the drops that drip down into the ear canal causing the bacteria and fungi to grow even faster as well as causing your hearing to be even worse.  

3. Buy lots of perfume because all the vinegar that is squeezed into your ear will eventually come out. 

4. The Ear doctor's big vacuum machine is your friend. It hurts like crap, but it relieves the pressure and allows you to hear a little better even though you think at any second he will suck your eardrum completely from your skull. 

5. It gives you an excuse to yell at everyone. 

6. It taught me how when I get my hearing back again I should appreciate it a lot more. 

7. You realize your ENT doctor is surgery all the damn time. I don't know how many times I called to try to get in because it gets worse and she tells me he is out of the office for the week because it's his surgery week. 
Not My Earbuds. Click Here for the website

8. Throw away all my earbuds because they are the cause of ear infections. Studies have found people who use their earbuds frequently have substantially more bacteria and fungus in them than those who rarely use them.  DON'T SHARE YOUR EARBUDS. That is asking for trouble. 

9. Doing research on ear infections. You learn that houseflies, cockroaches, and many other bugs can get into your ear so you start thinking maybe it isn't an ear infection maybe it's bugs in my ear eating away through my brain. 

10 . My Ear, Nose and Throat doctor also wants me to clean my ear out with 1/3 white vinegar and 1/2 cup of distilled water. 

I had to tell my mom, who thought distilled water and bottled water were the same thing, was wrong. 

Here is the so called truth: 

DISTILLED WATER is created through the process of distillation which is where pure H2O is boiled out of all of its contaminations such as minerals, metals etc.  

SPRING WATER,  like the word implies, comes naturally from the springs. This water is usually underground sources resulting in being uncontaminated. It does undergo some processing and filtering to remove bacteria and other microbes, but most of the mineral content is left in the water. These mineral content include calcium and magnesium. These minerals are why it tastes "fresher" and crisper" than distilled water. Sometimes there are also traces of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium in it. 

BOTTLED WATER- usually contains every type of drinking water including tap water, spring water, and filtered water and even ozonated water- which is infused with oxygen. Some bottled water even contain fluoride, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, so read labels carefully. 

PURIFIED WATER is a general term that usually means the water has been filtered in some way. This is usually tap water.  Municipal water from your tap should be safe according to government guidelines unless you are living in Flint Michigan.  However the EPA does admit it can contain contaminants that can affect people with severely weakened immune systems or serious health conditions, so they suggest getting additional water filtration system. In terms of taste and mineral content, water purified by reverse osmosis is the most similar to distilled water. 

Now you know a little bit about the differences between the water, but the reason why my doctor wants me to put only distilled water in my ear with the white vinegar because there are fewer chances of fungi and bacteria are in it. You don't want to put more fungi and bacteria in your ear.  I would suggest not putting tap water in your ear. 

My Awesome New Headphones. 
On Tuesday, I get to see a different ENT doctor because again my doctor is in surgery. A new symptom of a big bang sound happens every 20-30minutes in my ear causing severe pain for 5-8 minutes. Now my left ear isn't doing too good.

  One positive thing about having an ear infection I had an excuse to get nice headphones. Thank you Paparazzi Accessories for giving me the money to buy these. (Check out Glitzy Gals Jewelry Addicts on Facebook to get some awesome $5.00 Jewelry. CLICK HERE
I will keep you posted on my ear. I hope you found this to be helpful. 

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