Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Own Gluten Free Type Facebook.

This site is amazing. It is the Gluten Free Facebook. This is a type of facebook where you don't feel alone. You meet people that have to deal with the same things that you have to deal with. Or if you are a parent, spouse or family member you can get meet and get advice too. Please try and sign up.

Busy with Wound Problem

Just to keep everyone posted about dealing with a very bad wound on my right mid thigh that started mid-March and still dealing with it.

(his picture is after the wound surgery to clean it up and put the VAC Machine.)

How did I get this wound? Well, it is a long story so I will try to make it short. I went to the ER on Saturday morning because I got a pain shot in my back which triggered inflammation from my back surgery in December. The Doctor at the ER was not very nice to me. I went to the ER because I had a Theatre show to do. To make a long story short the nurse came in the room very arrogantly and jammed the shot in my leg and pushed the med very fast into my thigh. It hurt so much. The medication was Noraflex, a muscle relaxer. I had never had a shot hurt that much.
The next day (Sunday) my leg looked like someone beaten me with a bat very badly. Then on Monday it got worse and a ER doc said it looks like an allergic reaction to that medication. But then a couple days later it got uglier looking. Second to third week it took a burn look to it, but then by the fourth week blood rolled around on top of the skin. Then a ER doctor finally sent me to a wound clinic.
The Wound Clinic peeled the layers of skin where the scabs and blood where. It hurt so much. Then the following week the nurse practioner scrapped the wound clean. She had a surgeon look at me the following week and he scrapped a big hole to try to find the blood source. A couple of weeks I had it cleaned once a week and then the surgeon decided that it would be a good idea to go in for surgery to clean the wound and put a wound vac on. I would have to say that this wounds pain has been worse then my back surgery. The first time getting the VAC dressing clean, I almost passed out. Once the dressing was I saw the wound was so deep. I could see my muscle and tendon. Today is my 6 week anniversary of having the wound VAC on. The wound hole is getting better, but now they are letting me have the choice of getting a skin graft. The plastic surgeon told me that if I get the skin graft and if it takes I will most likely only have two-three weeks of healing. Where as, just having wound Vac could take four-six or more weeks to heal. The only thing that scares me about the skin graft is getting another wound. The doctor said that the skin graft area will hurt more then the wound.
If any of my readers have had a skin graft or even a wound VAC, is there a way you can give me information and what happen to yourself? I need help decided and I am scared. My email is please email if you had a VAC and/or a skin graft. Thanks

Stephanie Norton

My Celiac ID (Saliva Testing)

Check out this site:

Are you or a family member at risk for celiac disease?

Find out if you have the genes with MyCeliacID™ the first saliva based, do it yourself genetic test dedicated to celiac disease.
Approximately 1 in 100 Americans have celiac disease. Some have common symptoms, such as bloating, diarrhea, and general gastrointestinal distress, while others have symptoms like anemia, infertility, weight loss, or osteoporosis. It is estimated that 60% of children and 41% of adults newly dianosed with celiac disease had no symptoms at all.
Now, it’s easier than ever to find out if you have the genes associated with celiac disease. MyCeliacID is the first saliva based, do it yourself genetic test for celiac disease. By ordering this test, you will know within days whether you have the genes for celiac disease. If you don’t have the genes, you are highly unlikely to develop celiac disease in your lifetime. If you do have the genes, you may have celiac disease and you should consult a doctor.

How it works
•Once you have ordered the test, we send you a saliva sample collection tube.
•Follow the instructions on the card included in your shipment and send the filled collection tube back to us in the prepaid shipping box included with your order via FedEx®.
•We analyze your sample in our laboratory in San Diego, California where we have performed more than 81,000 celiac genetic tests.
•We notify you by e-mail once your test results are available, usually within 7 days of receiving your sample.

Should you get tested?
You may want to get tested if:
•You are frustrated by a lack of help with symptoms that you think may be caused by celiac disease. Perhaps your physician has not been able to identify your problem, and you suspect celiac disease.
•A family member has celiac disease. The disease is hereditary. You may want to find out if you carry the genetic sequence.
•You are following a gluten-free diet and want to know if you're doing the right thing. With MyCeliacID, you’ll find out if celiac disease may be the root of your problem.

More Gluten Free Restaurants

try Silver Beach Pizza in St. Joseph, or Willy O’s in South Haven. Here in Grand Rapids, Bostons restaurant on the East Beltline (in the Celebration Cinema plaza) makes gluten free pizza and other gluten free items.

Monday, June 8, 2009

National Foundation For Celiac Awareness

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) is a non profit organization to help raise awareness of Celiac Disease. I have volunteered for over two years by handing out their brochures at doctors offices and natural health food stores. The organization has a monthly email newsletter. I use to have write articles for the newsletter.
Their goal is to help reduce the time to diagnose and reduce te devastating impact of undiagnosed Celiac Disease, including the contraction of other diseases such as cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and 'autoimmune cascade.'
I was diagnosed late and ended up with many more medical issues. The peditrician didn't know anything about Celiac. I was told that I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but It was acutally Celiac for seventeen years. Now I am twenty-three with already ten surgeries.
The Foundation is always looking for volunteers. You can visit their website at:

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