Book Review on Nadia Cavagliere Evans's Children Book Lime Light

Lime Light  By Nadia Cavagliere Evans

Herndon, VA; April 2, 2019: Mascot Books announces the release of Lime Light by Nadia Cavagliere Evans; Illustrated by Chiara Civati
The 5th grade Spring Talent Show is coming up at Squirrel Tail Elementary School. Lennon Lime's friends can rap sweet songs, swallow sharp skewers, and zap colors away, but Lennon can't do any of those cool things. He's just a boring, average kid. What could he possibly do for the 5th grade Spring Talent Show?

Lime Light is a fun, humorous story about facing your fears and learning that everyone has a special talent to offer. With colorful illustrations and a memorable set of characters, Lime Light is sure to help young readers discover their own unique gifts that really make them shine.

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This book really hits home to me. I felt for Lennon Lime because like Lennon I have had many times where I wasn't credited for a job I did.  It hurts. The illustration simple but colorful. The illustration helps the story flow.  Nadia Cavagliere Evans put some big words in there. For example, Flummoxed, Plodded, and intone. I like how she wasn't scared using big words such as these. 

Some cute sentences in the book were the:
 "Ms. Pair was one of those rare species of a teacher (Rara Teacherificus Meraviglia),"
"Peacocks don't speak English, only Esperanto.."
There is a lot of words so I would say this book would be best for 3rd-4th graders. I would recommend adding this to your library of children books.  


Born in the US to immigrant parents, Nadia Evans only spoke Italian for the first four years of her life until she discovered English from watching Sesame Street and Mister Rogers. Reading, books, and libraries make her very happy, as does spending time with her big family. She believes in magic and the power of words.

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