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Wars For Humanity - The Wrath of Black Scar by A. R. Lerwill Book Review


War for Humanity’ is a coming-of-age story set in the future after an apocalypse, where a rival species has risen to claim superiority, and a young human warrior named Aldber is caught in the midst of the climactic war. The conflict will challenge his beliefs and identity, the consequences of which will decide the fate of the world forever.

Although set in a post-apocalyptic world, all of the topics discussed relate to our current times: racism, religion, inequality, privilege, climate change, feminism, homophobia, toxic masculinity, mental health, the impact of technology, disability discrimination, the advent of artificial intelligence. It is also injected with politics, philosophy, spirituality, and personal experiences to make it treatment on the human condition.


I am still wondering what I just read. It was a fun adventure.  It sort of reminded  me of Hungar Games and Lord of the Rings. The reader is taken into Aldber's journey around the passage of the west land to the Oakloch Mountain. He is training to be a fearsome warrior. Hecta is one of his trainers. Aldber starts his mission to find Black Scar who supposedly kill his mother causing him to become an orphan until Grand Master Vivid by a Centauri took him in. According to Grand Master Vivid, Hollow Moon abandoned his own kind in order to save Aldber because of the prophecy. She has been on the run for years from Black Scar, or at least that is what he was told.

Through the book, Alber's is introduced to different groups allowing him to develop and understanding others. As he is investigating he finds out he was missing alot of information. He learned things didn't happen like he was told and taught. Now he wants to find him to get more questions answered. Does he want to find Black Scar to do his revenge? Or does he find him and kill him? Or does he find him? You have to read it to find out.

"War for Humanity" I found at times hard to follow. It took me a little bit to see Aldber's world he lives in. There were a lot of characters. It was a page turner because I wanted to see if he get to meet Black Scar.  "War for Humanity"'s topics in the book is trust, manipulation, respect and family. We learn about new species such as the Centauri who are looked at as mean beasts.
Even though at times it was hard to follow it was still a page-turner. Throughout the book, there were so many powerful quotes. Here are some quotes:

"You must lose to succeed"
"I am strong because I have been weak. I am fearless because I have been afraid. I am wise because I have been foolish."
"We are living in a very uncertain times. Generations of hardships have led us to this moment where nothing can be reversed. This war is about to escalate beyond unprecedented at live is," said Master Grand Vivid.

These quotes are powerful because they resonate with whats happening in our world as we speak.

I would recommend checking out "War for Humanity -- The Wrath of Black Scar" I cant wait to read more of his books.
A.R. Lerwell has a great imagination. The story has so many twists. 

Information on the Book:


The creative journey started many years ago when as a boy my uncle took me to the cinema to see the special edition version of "Star Wars: A New Hope." It was a mind-blowing experience, which left an everlasting impression; it sent my imagination into overdrive.
At the time, my uncle also gifted me with a replica revolver, which I then used to play action-adventure games. This is when the first ideas for my story came to fruition.
Over time, I started to write down plot ideas, I developed the characters, and gradually created the world in which it all inhabits.
The process has been both an exhilarating and challenging experience, and I hope that you will all enjoy reading it as much as I have loved creating it for you.
War for Humanity is more than just a story -- it is part of the global conversation and I hope you can become part of it.
The fight for survival is not our only destiny. -- A.R. Lerwill

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