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Sophia Violet and the Fiery Orb by Evangeline Greene Book Review

Just when fourteen-year-old Sophia Violet thinks her life can't get any weirder, her entire world turns upside down. In a few short weeks, she goes from being an awkward teenager to holding the fate of two worlds in her hands. Naturally, she resists. She has her own problems to solve. Like what's up with her best friend, Luna, who's been shapeshifting in and out of her life for as long as she can remember? Yet no one else, including her adoptive parents, has ever met her. At least not in her human form.  
And what about the wolves that haunt Sophia’s fire escape each night? Or the cat that appears out of nowhere just in time to save her from an oncoming car? What do they want? Could they have anything to do with that creepy old woman, Esmeray, who has been lurking around Sophia’s New York City apartment lately?  
Things come to a head when Sophia draws the attention of the principal. He invites her to a special summer camp for students from Chiralis, a mysterious world on the brink of extinction. Through a series of dangerous adventures, Sophia becomes entangled in Esmeray’s plan to steal a powerful Orb. It has the potential to destroy Earth and Chiralis. At the same time, Sophia makes shocking discoveries about her hidden powers and begins to accept herself in ways that will change her life forever.
"Sophia Violet and the Fiery Orb" by Evangeline Greene is an adventure sci-fi story. It reminds me of a mix of "Hungar Games" and "Twilight". We are taken into Sophia, a 14-year old, with many different powers including shapeshifter, space travel. She is spending time at a camp for training. She meets many different people and learns about their powers and background causing Sophia to lose trust in everyone. Sophia takes on the quest to save the orb. She learns how to travel to different places. During her camp time, we learn about the Chiralians. They don't eat, drink and have access not only to Earth but other rudimentary planets. Esmeray's son Cru wants her son to become the Master Orb. There are so many twists and turns. I don't want to say too much because I want you to learn the details while reading "Sophia Violet and the Fiery Orb." Evangelin Greene did a great job of making the characters relatable. She painted locations really well. I was able to see the locations in my mind. There were times I didn't understand the rules and the different type of people. The book never really went into depth about why the Orb is so important. I got the gif of it, but I wish there was more information. I also wanted more backstory on Sophia's family. I had fun reading this book. I am so glad I was given the opportunity to read her work. If you are looking for a fun sci-fi, adventure, superpower, crime investigations then "Sophia Violet and the Fiery Orb" needs to be on your bookshelf. I hope she makes this a series. I look forward to reading more of Evangeline Greene's books.
I was given this book to do an honest book review. This is my opinion on this book
I spent a lot of time at the library as a child. A lot. Many of my happiest memories feature me sitting curled up in a corner reading authors such as Judy Blume, James Herriot, John Irving, and Stephen King. An eclectic mix for sure, but each one whisked me away on an exciting journey that made me thirst for more. I started writing almost as soon as I could read. But always on the side. Life kept me busy. Writing was not a valued endeavor in my childhood home. Still, I always managed to steal away to scribble a few lines. Quietly. Secretly. I tried to banish the urge many times, but it always came back, in the shower, at the dentist, or at 3 am in the morning.
Now I have the time and space to indulge my imagination. I’m ready and eager. I loved writing this novel. Like the wolves that haunted her balcony, Sophia Violet was one of the late-night visitors in my head for many years. Her determination inspired my own and she now lives on the pages of this book. I look forward to seeing what she does next. I hope you do too...
Evangeline Greene

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